Want a $5,000 Dollar Bonus? Check Out CPAtrend’s Dating Special

CPAtrend already has some of the best dating offers and highest payouts in the business. And for the next 2 months, they're spicing the pot.

CPAtrend Dating Promotion

CPAtrend Dating Promotion

CPAtrend is running a special promotion and will pay you big bonuses for your dating traffic in May and June 2012. 

Bonus Structure

2,500 Leads = $250 Bonus
5,000 Leads = $750 Bonus
10,000 Leads = $1,500 + Affiliate Summit East Pass
30,000 Leads = $5,000 + ASE Pass + Flight + 3 Night Stay At The Hilton

Participating Dating Offers

How To Participate

Apply to CPAtrend and in the comments field on the application page write "oDigger Bonus". That's it! You're application will be reviewed swiftly.

If you already have a CPAtrend account simply shoot your affiliate manager an email telling them you heard about the this promotion from oDigger.

Now go make some money!

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  1. ricoferianto

    oDigger Bonus

  2. Hey guys, if you want a to participate in the bonus you have to write “oDigger Bonus” in the comments section of your CPAtrend application, not here! Sorry for the confusion.

    Apply to CPAtrend here

  3. Dinah Amianda

    oDigger Bonus.

  4. Ivan Antonenko

    oDigger Bonus