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What does CPA Infinity have to offer our Affiliates/Publishers? True 24/7 support there is always someone that you can get in touch with no matter what part of the world you are in or what language you speak. With hundreds of offers we can and hold true to the statement most networks make of being able to get you any offer, well, we not only stand behind that, but we can get EXCLUSIVE(custom) landing pages made specifically for us as long as you push a good amount of traffic. Meaning that YOU will be the ONLY person that is using that specific landing page. A live chat feature so you don’t only communicate with your affiliate manager, but you can communicate with any one of our affiliate managers as well as any one of our affiliates. Also we have a message board/forum whichever you prefer to call it, our owners as well as our Affiliate Managers are active on there virtually 24/7 so if you post something there, you will recieve a response within a few hours. We are not only a CPA Network, we are a CPA community. A lot of companies say the age-old statement ”we are an affiliate network made by affiliates”, well, that may be true, but now the owners of it are up on the ”high horse” and don’t stay connected with the affiliates they have. With us, you can contact the owners virtually 24/7, as a matter of fact, right now as your reading this, go to our home page – in the lower right hand corner you will see a live chat button, click it and send me a message. I can gurantee you that you will get a response. One age-old problem with CPA that is notorious for causing email marketers grief is them purchasing an email list and to their knowledge it’s in the USA. Well now, what happens if some of the people their sending the offer/campaigns to is on vacation over seas and checks their email, and the offer is a USA only offer? With every other network out there here’s what happens. The potential lead is then redirected to another offer if they fill it out, guess where the money that is made from that offer goes? Straight into the network owner’s pockets! Well, not with us! Like I said, we stand behind what we say, we are the ONLY CPA network that is TRULY run by affiliate marketers. Now why do I say that? Well check out our revolutionairy Offer Side Stepping technology located here –
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CPAInfinity Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $10
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Bi-weekly / Net-7 / Weekly
Payment Method: Check / ACH / Direct Deposit / Wire transfer / Paypal(Upon Request)
Phone Numbers: 570-401-0314
Referral Commission: 10%
Network Platform: HasOffers
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6 Reviews for CPAInfinity

  1. Review By: sirsmokalot

    One of the best Networks that i know. Im running adult dating traffic for two years now and been through a lot of cpa companys. None can compare to cpa infinity in my opinion. Stephen is the best affiliate manager i know. He really is trying to help one out with new ideas and input about new projects and methods. The Payments allways arrived on time. 5 stars is the minimum rating Would give more if i could :)

  2. Review By: larrygomez7

    Great network…
    Awesome offers and support..

    Thanks Stephen for the payment

    My payment proof is file:///G:/Pay%20Pal%20Transfer%20For%20$1085.jpg

  3. Review By: paulmk

    Payment as always on time with outstanding support. Working with Stepehen is always a pleasure.

    I have only good words for this network and the guys who run it. Payment on time, super offers and the ability to help anytime! I can always recommend this one to anybody with any second thoughts! Just received my payment in my bank acc, afew hours after it`s been processed!

  4. Review By: krazie

    The owners here are really nice. They’ve helped me out with some issues I was having with traffic.

    They’ve paid out on time, every time which is always a plus.

  5. Review By: Robert

    Just got paid! Thanks CPA Infinity. Great network and great support!


    - Rob

  6. Review By: Darren

    This network is great to work with.

    The Affiliate Managers Dan and Stephen are great to work with, they are around 24/7 and help whenever a problem or question presents itself.

    They have a ton of great offers for you to work with and if you need a special offer just ask, they can get it up and running for you very quickly.

    My RPC has been great, payouts are very good and payments have been on time!

    Here is my most recent payment that I just received today.

    Looking forward to working more with this great company in the near future.


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