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CPA Prosperity is an ad network primarily dedicated to Cost-Per-Action marketing and direct response advertising. Their mission is to provide simple and straightforward marketing solutions to both publishers and advertisers that can help them excel no matter their size. By bringing together advertisers and publishers with high quality and exclusive CPA affiliate programs, they are able to help you accomplish and reach beyond your affiliate marketing goals.
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  • Happy Birthday Shannon!!!
    Jan 19, 2018
    Happy Birthday to One of Our Top Managers!!!   Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday Shannon!!!
  • Happy Birthday Laney!!!
    Apr 11, 2017
    Happy Birthday to One of Our Top Managers!!! Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday Laney!!!
CPA Prosperity Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA , CPL , CPS , CPC
Frequency: Net-30 / Net-15 / Net-7 (If Network Requirements are Met)
Payment Method: Check / Wire
Phone Numbers: Phone: (404) 941-5550
Fax: (404) 891-6102
Referral Commission: 2%
Network Platform: Cake Marketing
Affiliate Manager AIM: CPAProsperity
Join Network: SignUp To CPA Prosperity

51 Reviews for CPA Prosperity

  1. Review By: Ryan

    They AM’s are so dedicated to their jobs they make you feel like you are the only person they’re working with. Payments are always on time, if not early, and they will actively try to get better rates for you.

    A+ Network in my opinion.

  2. Review By: xavier1101

    I just submitted my application. Please review it and get back to me. I am very excited to start working with CPA Prosperity!!!I

  3. Review By: cpamokey

    I do not get paid for May 2016, management did not answer me.

  4. Review By: giosano

    ok i just chat on skype with cpa propserity
    maybe it’s a good company
    but they ask my ID like driver license or passeport
    i don’t no them , too much fraud online
    too much indentity stolen online
    why i have to trust you cpa prosperity
    if you don’t trust me , why i have to trust you?

  5. Review By: PG0KOR

    I will updated my rating if they sign me up after waiting for almost a week.

  6. Review By: maximusin

    We poured traffic on 500 dollars. We ourselves asked to check if they satisfied with the quality of our traffic. The support asked to show the schemes of how we get our traffic. We refused. Although in the rules no mentioning about showing the schemes of work. In return the support blocked account and stole our money. And now doesn’t answer in skype. We advise not to have any kind of deals with this partnership. I can provide all the screens. Burn in hell you bloody assholes! Burn in hell

  7. Review By: Deiss4Sun

    Good network, one of the oldest

  8. Review By: mrtoan

    still not get payment, the payment delay 15 days

  9. Review By: ron1006

    Been a full week and NO response to my application. passing them by for others more eager to offer work.

  10. Review By: rkjibhai

    I think that God Gift to me. I’m so happy to be involved with this network. Now pursuing generate my income so that coming soon I take first income by this network. Thanks for support My ideal Mr. Samrath Gupta. Always Five Thumbs UP by Me.

  11. Review By: nadeem

    CPAPROSPERITY is the best best network ever . My AM is Samrath Gupta and he is really supporting AM . In this rush of networks it’s very tough to find trusted one but they are . I need some money so I tell to my AM about the situation and I requested for early payment and they give with out asking any questions . really awesome network .
    Best of luck SAMRATH you rocks

  12. Review By: Gene

    My first week with these guys ended in $300+ check. The tools they have really make it easy to get things going fast.

  13. tinktink
    Review By: tinktink

    these guys know their stuff! they stay on top of the updated campaigns to keep us making the most!

  14. Review By: TDR

    CPA Prosperity helped me generate income. I went from losing my job, feeling like the end of the world, to a new relaxed, non worrisome life style. I attribute most of my success to AM Chris from CPA Prosperity. Thanks a ba-ba-BILLION!

  15. Review By: Cherry

    CPA Prosperity is a great CPA network. They have great customer support for affiliates. They will email you back very fast after you send a question.

  16. Review By: josh face

    CPA Prosperity is an excellent network to run with. MikeT not only does a great job for the company but he’s there helping his affiliates too. If you are seeking a network to do huge numbers with this is the place to go.

  17. Review By: Ellen

    I’ve used tons of affiliate networks networks. Nothing compares to the experience at cpa prosperity.

  18. Review By: jacob

    They have amazing support on this network. Late at nite i was having issue with an offer so i hit up Mike on aim and he responded right away and helped me solve the problem.
    Now i am able to make money from cpa prosperity!! Thank you and i look forward to making lot of money.

  19. Review By: Jason P

    The best thing that has ever happened to me and my family – CPA Prosperity!
    At first I was not sure how advertising on the internet could pay my bills.
    My affiliate manager Mike showed me how. Hats off to that guy!

  20. Review By: nymph

    Yep that’s right, 5 STARS for CPA Prosperity. They’ve got offers that convert better then anyone i have tried with split testing.

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