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4. we like diversity and have over 20 verticals to offer so you can match your
traffic with the best offers on the market.

5. we have great starting promotions that offer you paid marketing tools for
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6. we can be reached around the clock , and put our customers first.

7. we have diverse payment options , and are open to your specific needs.

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Clicxy Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal / Skrill / Wire
Referral Commission: 2.5%
Network Platform: Proprietary
Affiliate Manager AIM: shane.clicxy
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22 Reviews for Clicxy

  1. Review By: GeorgeD

    These guys are reliable and professional unlike so many newly emerged networks. Vast selection of Binary options.

  2. Review By: Cloudkicker

    Fair Payouts fast reporting, I wish they could do weekly payments but besides that I’m happy! AMs are always in touch.

  3. Review By: bina

    Program with virtual payments, any chance to get it.

  4. Review By: Martin7788

    Never paid, please avoid waste your time and your money with this fake affiliate program.

  5. Review By: peterkoala

    Just another scam network, they don’t answer, don’t pay or cancel all your leads/sales, just FYI.

  6. Review By: Robinxu

    Dear Publisher,

    This is Robin from China, I am a advertiser, we want to cooperate with your company in network.
    We want buy overseas good traffic. If you have these resource, please contact me directely.
    My Email is:


  7. Review By: cpacashbank

    They seem to be friendly and super easy to work with! Had some problem with payment not showing up in reports last month, concatenated AM and was sent the money right away.

  8. Review By: GLXIncs

    Use Clicxy regularly for mobile campaigns. Payment always in time and good support

  9. Review By: ilfattore

    I register to say thank you! AM recommended the best Android offers that made me $650 in march! My first time with so much conversions!

  10. Review By: AbanWasem777

    Many campaign in my interest. Pay with bank Bank each beggining of month! No probelms

  11. Review By: PG0KOR

    Signed up same day! Good offers, good support!

  12. Review By: Deiss4Sun

    That’s a good network. Fair amount of offers with good payouts

  13. Review By: SonneR

    That’s a 3rd aff network I joined and I’m pretty happy with them :) They might not be the biggest but these guys seem to truly care about their publishers.

  14. Review By: F0xy

    This is my fav network since I joined them couple of months ago! Shai is very attentive and always there for me if I have some questions. I always get paid on time and even got a free account and credits in their mailer first month, I’m not doing much email marketing but will definitely use that some day :)

  15. Review By: Marley

    Very nice selection of binary offers, no prob with payment always on time with paypal.

  16. Review By: sakib359

    I made $1260 and stole my money. Totally scam.

    • Hi All,
      We would like to share with the community the story behind Sakib’s statement.
      Sakib Mahmud has joined Clicxy at the start of Jan 2015.
      He had sent traffic for 2 week to a few Binary options offers. With these 2 weeks he had 5 registrations which generated 3 deposits (statistics which are rather amazing in Binary Options). Out of these 3 deposits 1 had withdrew the funds within 3 hours and the other two charged back the deposits within a week. Both brands refused the payments for his users and shown full documentation showing his traffic is fraud.
      To further prove this you can see screenshots from the brand CRM on Sakib’s users.
      h tt p : / / i. imgur. com / zmGAIo5 . jpg
      h tt p : / / i.imgur. com / dTIoGbn. jpg
      h tt p : / / i. imgur. com / 0IggV5Y. jpg
      Having been shown Sakib’s traffic is fraudulent, and proper notification was sent to him, Sakib’s user at Clicxy was blocked.

      We value our reputation and long term relations with advertisers , and take great measures in maintaining a stable level of quality traffic.
      Clicxy did not and will not steal from any affiliate. We simply refuse to pay for fraud traffic just as the brands do.
      If anyone here would like to get more information on this we would be happy to elaborate.
      Thank you all for your time.

    • Hello sakib359! Could you specify your affiliate ID or contact us at info @ clicxy . com or george @ clicxy . com with details on how exactly we stole $1260 from you?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Did you just write you stole your money? :) How sincere!

  17. Review By: Observer

    Maybe it’s just a luck but I started making some noticeable amounts of money with them! First time in 2 years I’m feeling like my effort was worth the time. I’m mostly doing binary offers and these guys have a lot. Money comes in time as always.

  18. Review By: Olav

    They seem to be going extra mile when screening out their offers. CPA is always good and stuff is very helpful. Never had any problem with them and they always reply on time.

  19. Review By: Sokute

    This is probably one of the easiest and most hassle-free networks I’ve worked with so far. There are plenty of offers of my interest (mobile) and payouts are just fine! I’m getting my $$ wired on time and never had any issues with that. Account manager I was assigned has always been very responsive and helpful.

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