3 Reasons Why You Should Work With BuckSense

bucksense_blogpost_featured Amid all the fluff and hot air that comes steaming out of many affiliate network marketing vents it’s truly refreshing to discover a network that backs up their talk. We've been working recently with a new network called Bucksense and ...Read More

3 Good Reasons To Work With CPAtrend

CPATrend CPAtrend is a network you need to have in your quiver. They are industry experts, they know how to keep their affiliates happy ("We pay our affiliate early" said CPAtrend CEO Phil Shapiro when we interviewed him last month), they ...Read More

Peter Hamilton From HasOffers Sounds Off On Fraud, Tracking, Support, And Making More Money

Peter From HasOffers We caught up with Peter Hamilton from HasOffers as he revealed their strategy for shutting down fraudsters, delivering airtight tracking and creating scalable solutions for everyone. Hey Peter, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Thanks for ...Read More

CPV Lab Review

CPV Lab If you stuffed the entire affiliate marketing community into an auditorium and asked them to identify the one resource they couldn't live without, you would collectively hear them holler back: "TRACKING!" Tracking your conversions is the beating heart of all ...Read More

NDemand Invites You To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Meet Up Hosted By NDemand Affiliates What's better than earning fat affiliate commissions every day? Earning fat affiliate commissions while you're in Puerto Rico on someone else's dime! The guys over at NDemand Affiliates have organized a Meet Up in Puerto Rico for the weekend of ...Read More

How Ryan Eagle Turned A Single Commission Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire

The Eagle-mobile You know that old motivational saying: "somewhere, some guy is working harder than you"? Ryan Eagle is that guy. He started as a self taught internet marketer and has since built a multi-million dollar empire and, as owner of EWA ...Read More

Interview With CPATrend Founder Phil Shapiro

Phil Shapiro - CPATrend Phil Shapiro, the founder of CPATrend made a great first impression on us when we started working together a couple years ago. When it's time to pay out, some affiliate networks turn into ghosts. Phil, on the other hand, used ...Read More

Want Direct Relationships With Advertisers And The Highest Payouts?

OfferTown OfferTown Can Hook You Up. If you’re anything like me, your days consist of small pockets of activity in between obsessive sessions of refreshing your affiliate stats. We work hard for our commissions and seeing that little $$ counter go ...Read More

5 Steps to Creating Irresistible Linkbait

Now that everyone realizes Google is serious about this “content is king” thing, generating organic traffic is more important than ever. If you want to consistently do well in Google, you need to have killer link bait content. That’s not ...Read More

How To Make People Do What You Want On Your Landing Pages

Click the button... NOW Have you ever felt like your landing page does nothing but send traffic back out into the ether? You build a masterful landing page, following all of the rules, and still your average time on page is about eight seconds. ...Read More

Interview With Affillion Founder Kenneth Metral


We got a chance to sit down with 23 year old Affillion CEO Kenneth Metral over the weekend and got the goods on what it’s like being a young successful network owner living in Miami. Affillion is a quickly growing …Read More

Webinar – How To Get Dirt Cheap Clicks With Facebook Ads

Here is a replay of last nights webinar about how to get dirt cheap clicks with Facebook Ads, presented by super affiliate and PPC-Coach.com founder Will Haimerl. And if our deal is still running you can Save 90% On Your ...Read More

7 Simple Steps To A Profitable Direct Link Media Buying Campaign

The Magnificent Seven I've been slapped by Adwords and held helpless at the unpredictable mercy of Facebook but media buying has always been my steady and dependable performance marketing venture. Since media buying is simply buying ad space (and earning commissions on the ...Read More

Top 7 Signs an Affiliate Offer Sucks

When Affiliate Offers Suck

After you’ve been at the affiliate marketing game for a while, you learn to sniff out the garbage offers from the gold mines. Unfortunately, that can be a long, hard road for some folks. Plenty of folks shut down along …Read More

Take A Peek At Actual CPA Campaigns Turning A Profit For Media Buyers

Ad Recon Tool Called WhatRunsWhere Lets You See Exactly Which Ads and Landing Pages Make Money and Which Ones Don’t. About a week ago, I was lazily going through my gobs of unread email when I noticed a message from ...Read More