At last! The Clickwork7 doors are finally open!

clickwork7_blog_small Clickwork7 are a top tier affiliate agency and have spent the last 10 years running some of the worlds most profitable affiliate campaigns - driving literally millions of leads and installs for big brands and advertisers every month. They are ...Read More

Data Collection Is A Key Difference Maker For Successful Digital Marketers

offermachine-blog It seems everywhere you look these days; you can’t help but to hear about big data.  For anyone who’s been in the space more than 2 minutes, we know the importance of data, but are you really using it to ...Read More

Adsbridge – Drive Your Traffic to Success!

blog_image2 AdsBridge is an all-in-one tool specifically designed to help you maximize revenue with your ad dollar. Know where to buy and sell traffic? Moving your business forward is easy with AdsBridge, whose tools help you deliver your traffic from point ...Read More

mSpy, is Proud to Introduce its Brand New Affiliate Program

spycash_blog_small mSpy, the developers of highly successful and popular business and personal monitoring solution for mobile devices, is proud to introduce its brand new affiliate program with a wider range of affiliate offers, creative materials and payout options, supported by recent ...Read More

Achieve Success With This Trusted Network

CashOutMedia_final_logo-300x261 Cashed Out Media is a new private affiliate network with the goal of helping advertisers and affiliates succeed in this competitive industry. With over 15 years of experience on the Cashed Out Media team, advertisers and affiliates can feel comfortable, ...Read More

New Campaigns & the Hottest Games for Brus Media in 2013

brusmedia_blog Brus Media have really made a name for themselves with a massive year in 2013, with genuine success across both iOS and Android platforms. The mobile network focuses on improving growth and monetising iPhone and Android applications through the use ...Read More

So easy even your Dad can do it (top affiliates make $85,000 per day)

airinstaller_logo The verdict is in. Air Installer is so easy, effective and profitable, even your dad can do it. For those of you who don’t know, Air Installer is a unique platform that connects affiliates, software developers and download websites with Tier 1 advertisers during the ...Read More

3 Dating Offers Optimized For Mobile, Tablet and Web

Sweetblog If you're promoting affiliate offers that aren't optimized for mobile, tablet and computer then you're missing out on conversions. As of 2013, 17.4% of traffic comes through mobile and 11% comes from tablets.   That means that almost 30% of the market will be sizing ...Read More

How ZombaTree generates $160 per lead

zombatree_logo The payday and finance market is hot for affiliates right now. Thousands of people across the USA are actively trying to get out of debt and this means that there is a surplus of fuel to feed the financial market's ...Read More

HeatSync, the new analytics platform that lets you track your website and your competition

HeatSync I didn't realize it, but I've been pining for an analytics platform like HeatSync for a while now. You see, I'm a stat addict and I religiously reference Alexa,, Google Analytics, SEOmoz, and a variety of other great ...Read More

NEW membership site AMonies teaches you to earn $1,000 per day

AMonies What do Market Leverage, POF, Adsimillis and some of the other biggest players in affiliate marketing have in common? They have all joined together to funnel their combined wisdom into a new heavy hitting affiliate resource called AMonies launches today, April 12th, 2013, ...Read More

How to earn $5,000 per day with Fiverr affiliate program

fiverr_blog_small It's official. Fiverr's affiliate program is here and affiliates are already starting to crush it.   For those of you who don't know, Fiverr is a marketplace that allows anyone to buy or sell services, or "gigs" as they call them, for $5. Launched ...Read More

New Shoemoney Launch! Last launch paid affiliates $2.7 MILLION

Shoe-In Money I rarely get excited about an affiliate program, but this is an exception.   Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker is one of the highest earning affiliates of all time. Tomorrow, he's launching a new product called Shoe-In Money System that's going to make a TON of money ...Read More

Insider reveals secrets to profitable campaigns on + 5 CASE STUDIES

pofsmall We have a special treat for you guys. This Friday, Ben Louie of (one of my favorite advertising platforms), will spill his guts about what converts and what doesn't on POF. This is a special webinar with limited spots... ...Read More

Concierge By CoolHandle Helps You Build The Perfect Team

Concierge If you want to make real money you need a team. If you're a one man show, there's only so much you can do. Super affiliates love to keep the spotlight on themselves and say things like "I made $XXX,XXX ...Read More