Earn a $50 BONUS For EVERY $1,000 You Generate At BallinClicks

BallinClicks Private Network

Want an instant bump to your earnings per click? BallinClicks, an exclusive private network with thousands of offers, is offering a $50 bonus for every $1,000 in commissions you generate at their network. This is a chance to instantly increase your margins by 5% without any extra effort.

“What an easy way to offset the 5% Social Ads Tool (my Facebook ads manager tool ) tacks on to my ad spend every month,” I thought to myself.

Sweet deal right? Well, first you have to get in. As I mentioned earlier BallinClicks is a private network and they don’t let just anyone in. They work exclusively with high volume and high quality affiliates and have a spotless reputation with their advertisers. This means they can negotiate ridiculous deals with advertisers and they work directly with over 1,000 of them.

Because BallinClicks Only Accepts High Quality Affiliates They Can Offer Some Attractive Perks

  1. 1. They attract high quality DIRECT advertisers. Over 1,000 of them to be exact.
  2. 2. They have ridiculous deals with advertisers, which they pass on to affiliates.
  3. 3. They have daily payouts. Yup, DAILY. They know their affiliates are good for it.
  4. 4. They have AWESOME payout bumps! Bumps are enforced to offers getting higher EPCs!
  5. 5. They have an internal super affiliate forum where they share tricks, tips and campaigns.
  6. 6. They offer the Meet and Beat guarantee. See an offer with a higher payout? Let your affiliate manager
    know and they’ll sort you out.
  7. 7. They provide 24/7 support. Many networks claim this but how many actually follow through? Part of BC’s
    commitment to excellence is their customer support and their seasoned AM’s are available at all hours of the
    day and night.
  8. 8. Great loyalty rewards!

That’s enough to convince me. BallinClicks are very picky about who they let in to their network but for
all the benefits they offer it’s worth the 57 seconds it takes to apply. Plus their $50 bonus promotion is
only active through MAY 2012. So take your shot, sign up today and start earning!

Apply to BallinClicks

For faster Affiliate approval, contact BallinClicks via AIM:ballinclicks SKYPE:ballinclicks or email

Interested in Advertising with BallinClicks? Contact Mr. Addison Miller at amiller@ballinclicks.com

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  1. Thank you Mark for a very fast and honest review. We at BallinClicks really appreciate it a lot! :D