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Bob Younce is an entrepreneur and copywriter who is passionate about online marketing. Since 2005, he has made a full-time income exclusively through online business. His areas of expertise include writing compelling copy, and working with other Internet entrepreneurs to fine-tune their business models and websites. Visit Bob at his website, Composing Business, and ask about how he can help you turn your dreams of affiliate marketing success into a reality.

5 Steps to Creating Irresistible Linkbait

Now that everyone realizes Google is serious about this “content is king” thing, generating organic traffic is more important than ever. If you want to consistently do well in Google, you need to have killer link bait content. That’s not ...Read More

How To Make People Do What You Want On Your Landing Pages

Click the button... NOW Have you ever felt like your landing page does nothing but send traffic back out into the ether? You build a masterful landing page, following all of the rules, and still your average time on page is about eight seconds. ...Read More

Top 7 Signs an Affiliate Offer Sucks

When Affiliate Offers Suck

After you’ve been at the affiliate marketing game for a while, you learn to sniff out the garbage offers from the gold mines. Unfortunately, that can be a long, hard road for some folks. Plenty of folks shut down along …Read More

The Rich Untapped Potential of Social Media Marketing


Affiliate marketers are, in many ways, on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. We have to be; competition is fierce, and being the first one to take advantage of a new technology or tactic often means being the biggest force …Read More

5 Powerful Principles for High-Conversion Landing Pages

Conversion Landing pages are one of the most important tools in your affiliate marketing toolbox. They’re also one of the most-underutilized tools in the affiliate marketing toolbox. Anyone can throw together a landing page with tons of eye-grabbing images and strong ...Read More

The Ugly Conversion Rate of a Spam Campaign

So ugly hes cute One of the most common neophyte mistakes in affiliate marketing is spamming. You buy and email list, write a pitch, and go to town. You then find you get very little, if anything, in the way of response. There’s a ...Read More

3 Formulas For Magnetic Headlines

Magneto Says "Read My Post" Landing pages are a funny thing. In most cases, you’ve got about 15 seconds of a reader’s attention before she bolts. In that time, you need to give her a reason to stay. She wants to stay; after all, she ...Read More

What The Google +1 Button Means For Affiliate Marketers

Google +1 Button If you stop to think about it, Google hasn’t really broken new ground in any of its most successful endeavors. In terms of search engines, Google wasn’t the pioneer that Lycos or even Yahoo was. While Gmail is hugely successful ...Read More

The 3 Most Important Questions In Niche Selection

Select Your Niche If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for more than 30 seconds, you know that the most important contributor to your success isn’t the products you sell or your skill at writing sales copy. The very first test of ...Read More

Article Marketing After Panda

Google panda hungry Google’s so-called “Panda” update (or “Farmer” update, if you prefer) hit back in February. When it did, it rained down holy hell on some in the affiliate marketing world. Folks who relied primarily or even entirely on article marketing found ...Read More