The dating offer super affiliates DON’T want you to know about by Anastasia's Affiliate

Any affiliate who has ever earned a commission online has tried promoting a dating program at one point. The dating space is more saturated with affiliates than fat molecules in a deep fried Snickers bar.

Here's why. The dating market is constantly replenished with new singles, many dating programs offer competitive payouts and the scale is massive. But you can't just grab an affiliate link to a big dating site like and expect success to come rolling in. Thousands of other affiliates are currently doing the same thing. That's why picking the right offer to promote is critical to your success.

Enter Anastasia's Affiliate Network, a veteran affiliate network that brokers their own dating offers. The have silently been making affiliates very wealthy for the past 9 years (some to the tune of an easy $30,000 / month) and have just added a new site to their fleet. The offer is called and the homepage alone is enough to get any male clicking like a caffeinated teenager. is brand new, which means it's ripe for the promoting, and offers a different angle than your traditional dating site. The premise of RussianBrides is that an every day Joe can meet a Russian or Ukranian bombshell who is way out of his league. This business model has been wildly successful and has been making both affiliates and users very happy for almost a decade.

So, how good is it to be an affiliate for Pretty damn good.

You get to choose between:

1. $5.00 per lead
This payout knocks it out of the park when you consider that most dating offers pay in between $1.00 and $3.00 per lead. And this payout is the BASE. If you start running quality volume (males 30 - 60) you're in a position to negotiate bumps.

2. Up to $250 per sale
To meet girls on users must buy credits which they can then use to send messages and video chat. When your first referred user buys the minimum which is $15.99 worth of credit, you instantly earn $150 in commissions. Yup, you get paid $150 even though they only spent $15.99! As you refer more and more new clients, the amount you earn for each new referral goes up. Once you've referred 50+ clients for the month, you're earning $250 per new paying client.

3. Revenue share
This one is my fav. As users go about their business of meeting girls on they start to use their "purchase credits" link like a crack button. The more credits they buy, the more you get paid and you get paid for the lifetime of their membership. If you sign up a bunch of these crack button pushers you're making bank in passive income every month.

Another great thing about working with Anastasia's Affiliate Program is that they own This means there is no hassle of having to go through a middleman (like a network) if you need to contact If you need landing page changes on their end, compliance discussions or anything, Anastasia's Affiliate has a dedicated support team that will work directly with you. Much faster this way!

Get in while it's still early and start promoting today!

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Short Attention Span Summary

Short Attention Span Girl

1. Dating niche is saturated

2. Choose a dating offer with an angle

3. has a great angle

4. Russian girls are click magnets

5. Promote with Anastasia's Affiliate Network

6. Bank

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