NEW membership site AMonies teaches you to earn $1,000 per day


What do Market Leverage, POF, Adsimillis and some of the other biggest players in affiliate marketing have in common?

They have all joined together to funnel their combined wisdom into a new heavy hitting affiliate resource called

AMonies launches today, April 12th, 2013, and is a game changing membership site that was hand crafted to be provide the tools, tricks and training to help you create crisp profitable campaigns.

AMonies has been on my radar for months now since it is a collaboration project by a team of successful networks and traffic sources. The AMonies crew was kind enough to grant me early access to the members area and all I can say is they have thought of everything and I’m impressed.

*Edit! Ok, this thing got a little long but there’s so much good stuff to cover I decided to keep it all. Skim through and you’ll get the point! (and don't miss the oDigger coupon at the bottom of the page)

7 Reasons To Get Your AMonies Membership

1. Litespeed Webserver Hosting Included

One of the coolest things about my AMonies membership is that it comes with LiteSpeed hosting and tracking software included!

Every affiliate needs a reliable server and many affiliates think they need to fork out an additional $50+ a month and $150+ for tracking. Your AMonies account hooks you up with the best server in the business so you can rest assured that you never waste one red cent sending traffic to a dead landing page. And the cherry on top is a 1 click Prosper202 tracking install. Sweet!

2. Learn From the Pros

If affiliate networks and advertising platforms can teach more affiliates to create profitable campaigns everybody wins. This is the insight behind AMonies.

Tens of millions of dollars flow through the 7 affiliate networks and 2 advertising platforms that are partnered with AMonies. Through the AMonies private forum, you can learn from and network with industry leaders including Ben Louie from POF who are actively invested in your success.

3. Learn From Landing Page Examples That Convert

Getting your hands on examples of landing pages that convert is one of the most elusive efforts in affiliate marketing. Affiliates who take the time and effort to split test landing pages until the conversions start pouring in protect those secrets with their life! I know I do.

AMonies has the ins with the right people and provides members with an ever updating folder of landing page examples that work. The info you can find here is pure gold and is one of my favorite reasons to be an AMonies member.

4. Cutting Edge Affiliate Marketing Guides and Case Studies

The affiliate market develops faster than New England weather and if you want to be successful, you need to be ahead of emerging trends.

AMonies curates a current and ever growing treasure chest of affiliate marketing guides and how tos. Want to learn how to execute new mobile strategies? AMonies has you covered. Latest SEO trends for for affiliates? AMonies has you covered. New traffic sources that other affiliates don’t know about yet? Yup, AMonies has you covered there too.

5. 15 BadassTools and Scripts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. LEARN TO USE TOOLS AND SCRIPTS! Tools and scripts are the magic sauce that let you automate and scale up your campaigns really quickly. This is essential because it helps you quickly and efficiently find the winning and losing elements in your campaigns.

AMonies comes with 15+ tools and scripts that if sold on their own would be woth hundreds of dollars. Each tool and script has an instructional manual and best practices guide so you can start leveraging them right away.

1. Alexa Organic KW Scraper - for building 
2. Mass Blacklist Checker - for self hosted mailers
3. CPA Calculator - to calculate ROI, max CPM, etc.
4. Compete Domains - plug in and it finds competing domains like,
5. DidYouMean Scraper - plug in "coupons for" and it returns "coupons for groceries", "coupons for walmart" etc
6. Image Scraper - a mass image downloader that can filter by website, size, head-shots, etc
7. Keyword Converter - easily converts KWs into broad, exact, phrase format
8. KWs by Domain - grab google keywords from domain, for example enter and it returns "pc backup", "external hard drive" etc
9. Mass Domain Checker - Checks a site or sites if they are up and resolving, for seo people
10. MediaBuySale Finder - searches for wholesale spots to find good deals
11. PPC Ad Spy - spy on Google and Bing ads. Filter by country, domain, keyword and more
12. PPV Spying Servers - server provided to view real LI pops for competitive analysis
13. Related keywords - grabs list of related keywords from google
14. Senderscore Checker - checks IP reputation of multiple IPs, for self hosted mailers
15. Up Your CTR - multi-image manipulator that adds borders, color effects etc to tweak for best CTRs
16. URL Scraper - scrapes URLs from google and bing for PPV targets or KW sources

6. You Won’t Believe the Price

I really have to tip my hat to the AMonies crew. They have thought of everything an affiliate could need and if you parceled out each of the features they offer it would easily add up to over $1,000. Some competing affiliate forums charge $99 a month for membership and don’t offer the same package.

AMonies has wrangled some ridiculous deals and membership is a jaw dropping low investment of $37 a month. That’s cheaper than a Litespeed server ALONE if you bought it separately!

7. Coupons!

AMonies has leveraged their relationships to bring members some useful coupons. How about $75 off of CPVlab and $25 off 7search for starters... AMonies is the only place you will find these deals.

This one is a no brainer. Join AMonies Today (before the price goes up) and enjoy the server, community and training.

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