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Affiliate Trading is a private network is established on the basis of affiliates where affiliates can participate and make more profit. We help advertisers get a large number of customers and make payments to our quality publishers. We currently have 350+ offers and continue looking for more advertisers and publishers. Our goal is offers high conversion, publisher honest, the best-paying systems and the best support. Your success is our success because you earn, we earn. so we always have the incentive policies to help promote the efficient working of affiliates. We are always there whenever you need and give quickly solutions to help you. Now, do not hesitate any time enter into registration with us and confirmed with the highest revenue from us. Work together and develop long-term with Affiliate Trading!
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War Thunder -DACH - SOI

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$3.15 / cpa
Added: Sep 13

Banc De Binary Direct Site CPA

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$250.00 / cpa
Added: Apr 16

Empire: four kingdoms - iPad CH

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$5.50 / cpa
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Affiliate Trading Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $50
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net-30 / Net-15 / Flexible depending on traffic
Payment Method: Check / PayPal / Bank Wire
Referral Commission: 5%
Network Platform: HasOffers
Affiliate Manager AIM: Affiliate Manager Jason Brown - AIM: JasonBrownAIM, Skype: JasonBrownaim
Marley Wilson - AIM: Marleywilson957, Skype: Marleywilson957
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24 Reviews for Affiliate Trading

  1. Review By: Lida Rose

    I’ve been working with this network for some time and I must say that this is an excellent network. Payments on time, support 24 / 7 and offers high conversion. If you are looking for a network to work, I think this is the network that you seek. Sign up; More money ($$$$$$$)

    • We did not receive any emails or any comments on this issue so these is a fake comment. We ask the Admin of to delete the comments from “david1″ as soon as possible and it is determined as a fake review, dishonest.

      THEY simply stole $15,000 from my partner.. KEEP OUT!

      Scam company from Vietnam!
      They do not provide any evidences of fraud installs.
      Just block your account and NEVER PAY!

  2. Review By: david1

    please keep out!

    • We did not receive any emails or any comments on this issue so these is a fake comment. We ask the Admin of to delete the comments from “david1″ as soon as possible and it is determined as a fake review, dishonest.

    • Hello david1,
      We never steal any conversions from publishers and we always pay on time. We have worked in this industry for over 5 years and the comments here can prove it.

      However, if we detect or we get complaints about quality of traffic from advertisers, we will check and lock any publisher’s account if the traffic is more than 25% of fraud.

      Also, We have checked and we did not find any publishers with the name “david1″ on our network. It seems this is a fake comment and it is affecting our reputation.

      If you really a publisher on our network, please provide your Affiliate ID or Your email. We will check and keep you updated here. Because we are suspicious you are one of the bad publishers who have been removed out of our network.

      If we have not received any update from you within 48 hours, we will ask the Admin of to delete your comment and it is determined as a fake review, dishonest.


  3. Review By: David

    Affiliate Trading is always a great network. Always pay on time and support is fast. Their offers convert as crazy and I could not sleep because I wanted to do more and more to be able to earn with Affiliate Trading more than 20k on a month. A great payment that I have received from these guys.

  4. Review By: schillexbr

    Affiliate Trading was so lame, I want give -5 rating, always was deadbeat, often locked accounts when payment. I think Affiliate Trading is trash. ploose and blamads are good networks.

    • Hello,
      Who are you ? Please send me your email or Your Affliate ID and I will check your problem.
      If you are an affiliate on Ploose and Blamads then please send me your ID. I would contact your manager on Ploose and Blamads to check the quality of your traffic. Also, I will let everyone here know about the reasons that we have locked your account.
      If within 24 hours that you do not send us your Affiliate ID or your email I will ask admin remove your comment.
      Send to me an email at:

    • This is a fake review. Because we did not get any emails about this issue. So I asked admin to help us remove this comment.

  5. Review By: schillexbr

    Affiliate Trading was so lame, I want give -5 rating, always was deadbeat, often locked accounts when payment. I think Affiliate Trading is trash. ploose and blamads are good networks.

  6. Review By: Jenny

    Affiliate Trading is a powerful network and I have been a really good time with these guys. I know these guys will always keep everything well and keep the payments always come out on time.
    Thanks Jason. I really like work with you.

    My proof of my payment for January.
    [IMG][/IMG] or Here:

  7. Review By: Jenny

    You can see my payment here. I received my payment for November. This is a great thing to work with this network. Affiliate Trading network is an best Network – my favorite network.

    Look here :

    Join to them and you will be able to do a lot of money with this network.

    Join + Work = More money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ + More $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Thanks Affiliate Trading – best Network.

  8. Review By: Mike Kaishar

    This is the best network I’ve ever used, Marley is a manager friendly and helpful. There offers are great and better yet, they convert! Payment so far has been on time and as promised. Support is very good also, I usually get an email response within an hour. Affiliate Trading is the best network !

  9. Review By: Kewell

    The great guys. Affiliate Trading for me is a really great network. These guys always give me surprises and a belief in the work. That guy Jason and her Marley, two managers are always giving me a friendly working atmosphere, which is what I really want to work. Now I see them as part of our family. A family friendly and always help each other to develop. Not only that, I always get the new campaign in this network. They have been here and help me, I just sent an email to them and I get the answer quickly. I think this is the best network and if you are looking for a network to create revenue for you, I would recommend this network for your network.
    Thank you ! Jason and Marley.
    All the best to you! My good management. :-bd

  10. Review By: Chris

    These payments were to go out on time. A good network that I love. They helped me get what I want, which is the income that I was looking for. I feel happy to write this review for you. The good manager of my.
    Thank you very much !

  11. micah gantman
    Review By: micah gantman

    Payments are to be paid soon. This really is a very good to work. Jason is the best manager that I’m working. An excellent network.
    Thank guys.

  12. Review By: Joy Black

    An excellent network and my best so far. Those who stay ahead of payments, always have the best campaign in a month. I think i will encourage you to give them a try and you will say as I’ve commented here…. An excellent network.

  13. Review By: Lee Wistor

    Too great to be working with Affiliate Trading. They are the best I’ve ever seen. A great network: Payments – Support – offers … all the best !

  14. Review By: Nick

    The payments are made on time. Another great thing to be working with Affiliate trading Network. I must say this is the network of my favorite. Jason is my direct manager, he was a manager friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with him. Jason is a true best managers in all of my managers at work.
    Thank you very much, Jason!
    This is my payment in August.

  15. Review By: Tran Viet

    I’ve been an affiliate of Affiliate Trading for some time now. They do pay on time and have a lot of top converting offers and really awesome support. I definitely recommend this network. Affiliate Trading is ROCKS !

  16. Review By: Peter

    Offers good conversion – supports fast – Pay on time. A great network ! :)

  17. Review By: Jenny

    I must say that Affiliate Trading is a great network I’ve ever worked. PAYMENT – SUPPORT – OFFERS – ALL IS EXCELLENT. They always paid me on time. I LOVE AFFILIATE TRADING.

  18. Review By: Ryder

    A good network and I have worked with them for 2 weeks. I have done from this network than $ 640 this month. I will do more than, and I hope to get money from them. It will be a happy.

  19. Review By: Rivera

    Affiliate Trading CPA Network is a great network. They have a lot offers high conversion, support is fast and always pay on time. Management of Affiliate Trading CPA Network is very friendly and useful, always helping me to grow. I think this is a great network to work and develop, and a good network for all affiliates and publishers worldwide.

  20. Review By: Nick

    Started this Network about 2 weeks ago, the customer service is very good and offer the best solution that suits for the affiliate. Plenty of offers available and if you need any others just ask and they will add for you.
    And I would like say David is a really awesome guy. He always thinks for me and tell me how to make more money.
    Payment is on time and i like paypal very much.
    I’m really satisfied about this network.

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