Zigzagfone – Facebook Emoticons (CPA MO Flow) (Android) DE – Non incent

Offer Expired: This offer is no longer available on the Tapgerine network and is displayed for informational purposes. Click here to find offers currently available from tapgerine.
Offer Details:
Offer Name: Zigzagfone - Facebook Emoticons (CPA MO Flow) (Android) DE - Non incent
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Network: Tapgerine
Network Platform: Proprietary
Status: Expired
Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017
Date Added: Jun 23, 2016
Payouts: $20.00 / cpa
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Affiliate Offer Description:

os: ANDROID only 
Please get approval from the advertiser before you use the creatives. 
1.Any marketing text which states "You've won", "You're the lucky Winner", "You're the lucky visitor", or other which directly gives impression that our web visitor is winning a prize is prohibited, instead use "a chance to win". 
2.It is prohibited to use fake testimonials in any type of promotion. 
3.Don't use iFraming without ADV approval. 
4.Don't use Hosted pages without ADV approval. 
5.Don't use e-mail advertising without ADV approval. 
6.Don't use Typo traffic / misspelled URLs 
7.MMS/SMS push advertisement (or other push notification) is prohibited. 
8.Only use banners approved by ADV (if you want to use others, you need approval from Marketing) and let them navigate directly towards our landing page URLs 
9.Pre-lander without ADV approval is prohibited. 
10.In case of e-mail advertising, the used mailing address needs to be approved by ADV 
11.Cannot use symbols or texts that can frighten the user, such as "Warning", "Danger", "Android Notification", etc. 

Conversion Flow: 
MO Flow with Click2SMS: 
User clicks on the banner 
User lands into his SMS application with the prefilled confirmation 
User clicks on the confirmation button 
One conversion is made 

Supported Devices: Smartphones (Android), Tablets (Android) 

Carrier: E-Plus, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Debitel Germany 

Allowed Traffic: 
Adwords, Brand Bidding, E-Mailings, Facebook Traffic, In-App Display Traffic, Mobile Web Display Traffic, Push Traffic, Search Traffic (except Brand Bidding), Social Network (except Facebook)

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017
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