Win Summerlicious M&S Giftcard (CPA)(FB traffic) (iPhone, iPad, Android) GB – Non incent

Offer Expired: This offer is no longer available on the Tapgerine network and is displayed for informational purposes. Click here to find offers currently available from tapgerine.
Offer Details:
Offer Name: Win Summerlicious M&S Giftcard (CPA)(FB traffic) (iPhone, iPad, Android) GB - Non incent
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Network: Tapgerine
Network Platform: Proprietary
Status: Expired
Last Updated: Jun 03, 2017
Date Added: Jun 16, 2016
Payouts: $5.30 / cpa
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Affiliate Offer Description:

Payout action: CPA - mobile sweeps

Allowed traffic: Display, Social, Mobile, Content, Search, Wifi, Push, Mobile content, Carrier Targeting, Pop, Desktop

Restriction:-        Typosquatting, clickjacking, likejacking, using hacked sites, sites offering illegal or dubious software;-        Inferring that there is an association with a site/brand where there isn’t (e.g. clear facebook style promos, utilisation of a URL which could be misunderstood to be connected, wording/comments such as ‘thank-you facebook’).-        Any association with stolen, libellous or discriminatory content or illegal activity;-        Anything which is misleading, including creating a false sense of urgency (e.g. countdown clocks, statements of limited availability) or making promises that cannot be delivered.;-        Anything that indicates they have won, or have a greater chance of winning something (e.g. ‘congratulations, you are todays lucky visitor’, ‘you have (1) unclaimed prize’ etc).-        Social media advertising, only where new consumers lose sight of the cost of the service;-        Interfering with presentation of the price of the service, key terms such as subscription or implying that the service is free;-        Unsolicited email, SMS or other messaging;-        Collecting mobile number or other personal information from the consumer without their consent;-        Any viruses, malware, spyware or other malicious or harmful code; and-        iFraming of our site or exposing an API to third parties-        Content locking/unlocking unless:o    it’s clear at the start of the process that a purchase will be necessaryo   the content is genuinely unlocked after the purchaseo   there is a clear route back to the unlocked content after the purchase-        promotions or products that are particularly attractive to children-        promotions to a vulnerable group-        voucher and incentives schemes including instant wins unless:              o   it is clear upfront whether a purchase will be necessaryo   if no purchase is necessary, the route to receive the incentive is clearo   there is no confusion as to what is free and what incurs a chargeo   the incentive given or the chance to win is real and not exaggeratedIncentive traffic: Soft incentCappings: UncappedDuration: UndefinedTarget Group: NoWi-Fi FlowCarriers: All carriers

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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2017
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