Italy (IT) – Adult – Striptease Girl (Responsive)

Offer Expired: This offer is no longer available on the Toro Advertising network and is displayed for informational purposes. Click here to find offers currently available from toro-advertising.
Offer Details:
Offer Name: Italy (IT) - Adult - Striptease Girl (Responsive)
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Network: Toro Advertising
Network Platform: Proprietary
Status: Expired
Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017
Date Added: Mar 19, 2017
Payouts: €0.00 / cpa  ( about: $0.00 )
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Affiliate Offer Description:

Target Traffic: Desktop & Mobile Display

Target Carriers:  H3G, Tim, Vodafone & Wind

Conversion Flow: 

3G: Two Clicks

WIFI: Pin Submit


  • No Incent traffic
  • Iframe is strictly not allowed
  • Pop Traffic is strictly not allowed
  • No content locking
  • No facebook, yahoo, slimspots traffic
  • Pre-landers are completely forbbiden
  • No Streaming illegal (Torrent sites)
  • No Google traffic (Search + Display network)
  • No Bing traffic
  • No Microsoft Advertising (+mOcean)
  • No Win campaigns, fake system update or any other misleading flows
  • The use third party brand names is forbidden
  • No ads Porn banners on Porn Site for behind a direct service with carrier Billing
  • Not to manipulate and/or amend the carrier's customer flow of landing pages.
  • Not to promote advertising elements (Images, videos, text, web pages) without the prior approval of your AM.
  • Not to promote advertising elements in a context encouraging hate and violence (not as racism, proselytism...) or illegal practices (such as prostitution, sale of illegal products)
  • Not to promote advertising elements in an enviroment detrimental to human dignity: violent pornography (such as humiliation, tape...) pornography involving young public (teens,  children)
  • Use only the creatives provided by the advertiser. Any custom pre-landing/banner must be approved in advance
  • Not to buy traffic on the following ad networks : Google Adwords, Facebook, Slimspot, Kimia, Billy, Mobusi, Bitterstrawberry, YepAds, Spiroox, Digitalrave, Mundo Media, Search Engine Online, Wap Empire, Opera Network, Gasmobi, Linkadia, Mobipium, Clariad, Clickdealer, Ringtone Partner, Avazu, YeahMobi, Vserv, Midco. If the Partner should be working with those networks, they need to be excluded them from our campaigns.
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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017
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