8 Year Old’s Wierd Online Trick $47CTC [VSL] [BIZOPP] – CPA – INTL

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Offer Details:
Offer Name: 8 Year Old's Wierd Online Trick $47CTC [VSL] [BIZOPP] - CPA - INTL
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Network: NamOffers
Network Platform: HasOffers
Status: Expired
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2019
Date Added: Jul 30, 2018
Payouts: $60.00 / cpa
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Affiliate Offer Description:
Weird Online Trick Discovered By 8 Year Old Girl Makes $490,600...

United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand Only.

Conversion Type:
CPA – Converts Upon Credit Card Submission - $47CTC.

Accepted Media Types:
CPV/PPV (Pop Ups): YES
Display - Banner: YES
Display - Blog: YES
Display - Google Network (GDN): YES
Email - Newsletters: YES
Email - Solo Mailers: YES
Mobile: YES
Mobile - Display: YES
Mobile - SMS: YES
Native Ads: YES
Social - Facebook: YES
Social - Instagram: YES
Social - LinkedIn: YES
Social - Pinterest: YES
Social - Twitter: YES
Social - Youtube: YES
Social Media: YES
Text Ads: YES

Restricted Media Types:
Adult: NO
App Discovery: NO
App of the Day: NO
Brandname/Trademark Bidding: NO
Classifieds: NO
Content Locking: NO
Co-Registration: NO
Host & Post: NO
Incentivized: NO
In-App: NO
Redirect Traffic: NO
Search - Paid (PPC): NO
Search - SEM/SEO: NO
Sub-Affiliate Networks/Rebrokering: NO
Survey: NO

You will NOT be paid for any leads generated on this offer through means found to be in violation of the restrictions defined in the offer description. Please review "Accepted Media Types" & "Restrictions" before running this offer. Additionally, any Fraudulent Traffic or Duplicate Conversions will not be accepted under any circumstances.

If you have any questions, reach out to your Affiliate Manager and he or she will be pleased to assist you.

Requirements: Please be advised: Our advertiser is immediately enforcing new guidelines for online advertising by our affiliates in the Business Opportunity (Bizopp) vertical. They are as follows: 1. Our advertiser strictly prohibits Facebook Group Posting. "Although this marketing ands social interaction method has a valid place online, based on our experience and that of our advertisers, we DO NOT consider Facebook Group posting a valid method for generating quality sales and/or leads." The only accepted social media advertising method is PAID advertising. This includes Facebook Ads (e.g. unpublished page posts aka dark posts) and Instagram ads. 2. Media buyers promoting business opportunity offers on Facebook or any other traffic source MUST use proper audience targeting. Due to poor quality, low upgrades and high merchant charge backs rates it is MANDATORY to target audiences of a minimum age of 30 and above unless specified by the advertiser on the offer card within your affiliate dashboard. 3. Our advertiser prohibits targeting branded or trademarked terms related to the specific products or services our affiliates are promoting online via Pay Per Click adverting. E.g. targeting the product name or the website/domain of the advertiser. Failure to comply with Our advertiser’s advertising policy may result in your account falling “under review” status, then termination of your affiliate account if the violation continues. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. As you know your nam/offers family does the very best we can for our affiliates, but mutual cooperation is necessary for the longevity of our working relationship.
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