2019 – PT-portuguese (CPA) vantagens deco proteste

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Offer Name: 2019 - PT-portuguese (CPA) vantagens deco proteste
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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019
Date Added: May 26, 2018
Payouts: $25.00 / cpa
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Affiliate Offer Description:
The offer comes with Android Tablet as a welcome gift.
The trial price options is 2 EUR for the first 2 months. After the trial period the price is 3,45 EUR per month

The following terms are forbidden to be used:
- Assessoria
- Consultoria
- Jurídico
- Gratuito

Traffic type: Social and Incent - needs to be pre-approved; No Adult & P2P traffic allowed;
Deco Proteste:
A well-known brand to every well-informed consumer, a company with over 25 years of experience - the first and largest association regarding defense of consumer rights in Portugal!

Offer key points:
- Welcome Gift: Smartphone KIT / smartwatch + free print magazines - subscribers pay only 5€ / 2 months and receive a FREE welcome gift
- advice from 50 lawyers
- savings of more than 1500€.

Best Practices and Email Terms apply

Requirements: Best Practices Affiliate Marketing DECO PROTESTE (Portugal) 1. General Acceptance Rules & Use of Creativities i. Rejected sites: In order to maintain its reputation as a leading consumers association, DECO PROTESTE has decided that all sites may apply to DECO PROTESTE Affiliate Program except: • Adult content sites • Political sites • Racist or extremist sites • All sites promoting or displaying violence • Peer 2 peer sites (illegal downloads) • Links farms • Image Sharing Sites ii. Use of approved material: Affiliates should solely use the approved material (banners, e-mails templates, etc.). If they want to use another material or perform a change / add content to the existing material, they should submit it for prior approval to publication. iii. Fairness in communication: Obviously, all affiliates have to be fair in their communication. All affiliates that are encouraging their web audience to subscribe solely to get the free gifts will be immediately excluded from the program. iv. Fraudulent practices: The affiliates that try to use fraudulent commercials practices to create fake subscriptions will be immediately excluded from the program. 2. DEM (E-mail Marketing) i. Mandatory notification to CNPD: The processing of any data is subject to prior authorization by the CNPD (National Data Protection Commission - http://www.cnpd.pt/). So, it is mandatory that all affiliates notify CNPD whenever collecting personal data. ii. Mandatory Opt-in: Under Portuguese law, the permission Marketing (opt-in) is mandatory (prior and express). Whoever sends direct marketing communications is required to have an updated list of people who explicitly accepted these submissions. Obviously, the affiliates’ recipients have to be all opt-in (or double opt-in) addresses. Moreover, the email should mention how the address has been collected (see point vii. Privacy disclaimer). iii. Mandatory Opt-out: Email Service Providers must mention an opt-out message and link in the email (footer and /or header). Recipients must have the opportunity to unsubscribe/remove themselves directly through the sent email on the listing of. Message to display: Caso deseje cancelar a sua inscrição nesta base de dados, clique no link abaixo: [translation: If you want to unsubcribe this mailing list, click in the link below:] iv. Suppression lists: • It is required that all affiliates consult the Suppression Lists (people, who have expressed that they do not want to receive marketing messages from DECO PROTESTE). This list will be sent weekly and should be excluded from the DEM databases. Such people should not receive any promotional communications in the future. Please consult the HasOffers offer page – or your Account Manager – to receive an updated Suppression List(s). • Additionally, it is required that all affiliates consult the Portuguese Regulator’s Suppression Lists -managed by DGC (General Direction for Consumers – www.consumidor.pt). Whoever sends direct marketing communication in Portugal- is required to consult that list, which is updated monthly. v. Creative Files • Email Service Providers should only use the creativities approved by the agency and client and delivered to the affiliate network. • If they want to use a specific creative file, it should be requested from / or submitted for approval to an Account Manager. • All creativities should have an associated coupon code for tracking/stats purposes (provided by DECO PROTESTE). vi. Mandatory Subject Lines: The subject line(s) need to be chosen among the following ones: Promo-site Sequentiel standard: • OFERTA LIMITADA: uma câmara de vídeo digital mais 4 revistas • Descubra a DECO PROTESTE por apenas 2€ e receba uma câmara de vídeo digital • Descubra a DECO PROTESTE e receba uma câmara de vídeo digital • #NOME#, uma câmara de vídeo digital está à sua espera • #NOME#, foi selecionado para receber uma câmara de vídeo digital mais 4 revistas Promo-site Sequentiel health: • Conheça a Teste Saúde da DECO PROTESTE e receba uma câmara de vídeo digital • Receba GRÁTIS o cartão de saúde da DECO PROTESTE • #NOME#, uma câmara de vídeo digital está à sua espera • #NOME#, para si GRÁTIS uma câmara de vídeo digital • Cuide de si e da sua família e receba uma câmara de vídeo digital vii. Privacy disclaimer: Each template e-mail should display in the header this sentence: Está a receber este e-mail por se encontrar inscrito na base de dados [name of the database] [translation: You are receiving this e-mail because you have subscribe the mailing list [name of the database]] viii. Email sender identity: The sender has to be the owner of the Database, or it has to be leased/ access granted by the Database owner. DEM affiliates may not use DECO PROTESTE as sender name (expressions like promocao@deco.proteste.pt, diversos@deco.proteste.pt or others misleading senders addresses are not allowed neither). “DECO PROTESTE by ” is preferred. ix. Contact Data: It is required that affiliates/Networks mention the contact information of the sending party in the footer. That includes: name of the company and postal address. x. Sending Recurrence: Networks cannot use the same database before 4 weeks have passed from the previous email blast. In other words – one database (with the same emails) is to be send no more than one email per month. WE KINDLY ASK AFFILIATES TO READ THROUGH THE BEST PRACTICES, THEY ARE INTEGRAL PART OF OUR MUTUAL AGREEMENTS WITH ALL AFFILIATES. IF THESE CONDITIONS ARE NOT RESPECTED, THE CLIENT WILL NOT PAY THE GENERATED LEADS AND THE AFFILIATE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE TO THE CLIENT’S REPUTATION. THEREFORE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS, NEED FOR CLARIFICATIONS AND ASSISTANCE THAT WE MAY PROVIDE – REGARDING THE MEANING, PROVISIONS OR LIMITATIONS OF THOSE TERMS – CHANGES ARE SOMETIMES ACCEPTABLE, BUT ONLY AFTER PRIOR APPROVAL BY CLIENT. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND COOPERATION
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