2018 – BR – Brazil (CPA) – Proteste

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Offer Name: 2018 - BR - Brazil (CPA) - Proteste
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Network: Performancebay
Network Platform: HasOffers
Status: Active
Last Updated: Oct 21, 2018
Date Added: May 26, 2018
Payouts: $7.30 / cpa
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Affiliate Offer Description:

Offer Giftinfinito- BR - CPL/CPA
Traffic type: Social and Incent - needs to be pre-approved; No Adult & P2P traffic allowed;
Welcome Gift: Action Camera

There are two goals: Complete Plan: Including all benefits and Action Camera as a welcome gift.
Basic Plan: Which is cheaper, but does not include the Action Camera and print magazines - the payout is 1,8 EUR
The option for Basic Plan is not showed to each customer.
Temporarily, there is ONLY one goal - Complete Plan with Action Camera as a welcome gift. Further updates on changes in the goal will be communicated in advanced.

Proteste: A well-known brand to every well-informed consumer, brings a highly convertible and attractive offer. With +300,000 members in each of the 5 target-GEOs. More than 5 years ago, Proteste launched its unique offer, an offer very few could resist. Judge for yourself : - subscribers receive premium magazines- as well as an Action Camera - finally, they benefit from all the services and advantages we normally reserve for our paying subscribers: such as advice by phone, legal defense, a membership card with advantages and discounts on thousands of products, and complete access to premium website content & services
Best Practices and Email Terms apply

Requirements: BEST PRACTICES AFFILIATE MARKETING PROTESTE (Brazil) 1. General Acceptance Rules & Use of Creative Files i. Rejected sites: All sites and traffic channels are accepted to promote PROTESTE Affiliate Program except: • Adult content sites • Political sites • Racist or extremist sites • All sites promoting or displaying violence • Peer 2 peer sites (illegal downloads) • Links farms ii. Use of approved material: Affiliates should solely use the approved material (banners,…). If they want to use another material or perform a change / add content to the existing material, they should submit it for approval prior to publication. iii. Fairness in communication: Obviously, all affiliates have to be fair in their communication. All affiliates that are encouraging their web audience to subscribe solely to get the free gifts will be immediately excluded from the program. 2. E-mail Marketing i. Mandatory Opt-in: Due to country regulations, it is required that direct recipients have to be all opt-in (or double opt-in) email addresses. ii. Mandatory Opt-out: • Email Services Providers are required to include an opt-out link in the email (footer and /or header). Recipients must have the opportunity to unsubscribe/remove directly from the received email. • Affiliates should provide updates to the Suppression List- consisting of people who, after having received an email, want to be removed and not to be contacted by PROTESTE in the future. iii. Creative Files • Email Services Providers must use the creative files approved and provided by Performance Bay and available via the affiliate network platform – or the respective Account Manager. • If there is a need for a specific creative- it is necessary to request it from an Account Manager. iv. Mandatory Subject Lines: Please Note: As per Client requirements, it required to not use “gratis” in the subject line of the email. iv. Email sender identity: • The sender has to be the owner of the Database- or haven an official (and current) permission to have access to such a database- from its owner. • DEM affiliates may not use PROTESTE as sender name (expressions like “promocion@proteste.com”, “proteste@sendername.com”, etc… are not allowed either). “PROTESTE by ” is allowed. • Gmail-addresses are not allowed. v. Contact Data: Recipients of the marketing emails- should be able to find a contact information about the sending party of the email(s). vi. Email shoots Email Services Providers are asked to not send the same marketing email message – to the same Database – within a period of 3 weeks again. vii. Robinson list The Robinson list should be checked before each sending viii. Tablet The use of the word ‘tablet’ is never allowed (subject lines, material, ads, …) to describe the gift. The gift should be described as an exclusive welcome gift or a "Leitor Multimídia com 8 funções". WE KINDLY ASK AFFILIATES TO READ THROUGH THE BEST PRACTICES, THEY ARE INTEGRAL PART OF OUR MUTUAL AGREEMENTS WITH ALL AFFILIATES. IF THESE CONDITIONS ARE NOT RESPECTED, THE CLIENT WILL NOT PAY THE GENERATED LEADS AND THE AFFILIATE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE TO THE CLIENT’S REPUTATION. THEREFORE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS, NEED FOR CLARIFICATIONS AND ASSISTANCE THAT WE MAY PROVIDE – REGARDING THE MEANING, PROVISIONS OR LIMITATIONS OF THOSE TERMS – CHANGES ARE SOMETIMES ACCEPTABLE, BUT ONLY AFTER PRIOR APPROVAL BY CLIENT. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND COOPERATION.
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Last Updated: Oct 21, 2018
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