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出会いのASOBO-アソボ (API) (Android 4.0+) JP – Non incent

Offer Expired: This offer is no longer available on the Rulead network and is displayed for informational purposes. Click here to find offers currently available from rulead.
Offer Details:
Offer Name: 出会いのASOBO-アソボ (API) (Android 4.0+) JP - Non incent
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Network: Rulead
Network Platform: Proprietary
Status: Expired
Last Updated: Jan 19, 2019
Date Added: Jun 10, 2018
Payouts: $0.79 / cpa
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540円 40pt
1000円 75pt
2000円 158pt
3000円 242pt
5000円 419pt
10000円 895pt




電話番号: 0120-485-780
受付時間: 10:00-18:00

住 所:〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷3-10-1渋谷MJビル7F
代表者:代表取締役 勝又直紀Searchable friends and lovers, "dating app ASOBO" a new sense
ASOBO has been providing serious encounter as a safe and secure dating site in February 2001
Total number of members is also more than 600 million people, rather than encounter only diary and free games can also enjoy Sir
Providing a screw!
Even those who are already members registered in the "ASOBO", also easily out as soon as those who are now registered
You can find the meeting.
Such as recruiting friends recruitment and lover recruitment and right now, even there in his own in those who unfamiliar with the SNS and dating
The encounter will find easily!
Fulfilling everyday events and from such as profile and diary function was, partner, etc. etc. topic of hobby
Making it easy to understand what are the do such personality.

● concept
DL is a free dating app for both men and women.
Make Friends, her recruitment, boyfriend recruitment, love, looking for love, and matchmaking, marriage, such as partner
E-mail to meet a variety of meeting, to offer the community, such as a diary
Cage you.

- Let's play from now
┗ recruiting people and play with people to meet from now, such as bowling and karaoke.
· Joint party-off meeting
┗ is perfect for those who say that a little anxiety to meet with suddenly a one-to-one.
Hobbies both
┗ anime, please use if you want to meet with people who have the same hobby with their cars.
· Lover candidate
┗ If you want to meet with people who are seriously looking for a lover.
- From Mel friend
┗ for example, if you are want to develop if someone is the first time the gas from Mel friend.

Let's look for a meeting that suits you to try various!

● Other services provided content
Such as chat and game recipes offers a variety of services other than the encounter.

● ASOBO peace declaration
ASOBO is as enjoy an encounter with peace of mind to our customers, 365 days customer 24 hours a day
Staff we are allowed to correspond at all times to contact us. Moreover, dating site Ya
To worry about information management in the meeting app it has been posted privacy policy
Enjoy with confidence because we have strict management in accordance.

● Rates of Women
You can play the basic content is all free.

● Free service of man
Prof photos and mail viewing, a variety of services such as diary is available free of charge.
Moreover, it is enough to enjoy the encounter application and or gift points for free.

● male point of necessary services
· 1pt
┗ see the e-mail transmission / public The photo of the same sex
· 3pt
See photos in "chat with two people" ┗ aim first search of e-mail transmission /
· 5pt
┗ chat by e-mail send / two women
· 10pt
┗ creation of the Circle
· 10pt
┗ Circle of usage fees

● point fee

540 yen 40pt
1000 yen 75pt
2000 yen 158pt
3000 yen 242pt
5000 yen 419pt
10000 yen 895pt

● for age authentication
Official certificate of date of birth or age, the name of the certificate, certificate issuer name is explicitly
(Driver's license, passport, health insurance card, national insurance card, pension notebook
Etc.) will be presented, we have been to confirm that not a child.

● Internet Dating business notification already
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission acceptance number 30080037000

※ This app is intended to provide a function for using a dating service ASOBO. Your interest
Please read the Terms and Conditions always in regard use.
※ The use of persons under 18 years of age can not be.

● Contact Us
Telephone number: 0120-485-780
Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
Please quote your membership ID is when you contact.

● For management company
Company Name: Co., Ltd. Yuanetto
Housing office: 150-0002 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-10-1 Shibuya MJ building 7F
Contact: 0120-570-980
Representative: Representative Director Naoki Katsumata

Flow: CPR (cost per registration)

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