AdsBridge: Revolutionary Tracker and Landing Page Builder


We are happy to invite you all to check out the freshest all-in-one tracking solution which includes a traffic distribution system, powerful lander builder & a tracker
called AdsBridge

Like other new tracking solutions, AdsBridge is a hosted platform. That means you do not have to worry about the headache of purchasing hosting, installing the tracking software yourself, and hoping your server stays up when you finally get a big campaign going.

AdsBridge takes care of all that for you.

With AdsBridge you can track, compare and optimize all your mobile and web campaigns in real time and in one place!

AdsBridge ADVANCED TRACKING TECHNOLOGY ensures you're monitoring the right indicators for making more money with zero downtime.

AdsBridge Features

One of the best things you’d really like about AdsBridge is that it’s packed full of features. They are really attempting to go above and beyond just being a tracking solution. For example, they have a nice big library of templates. They also allow you to create as many subdomains for your tracking as you want, for free.

ab features.jpg

AdsBridge Pricing is simple and competitive. They offer two different membership plans: Free and Professional ($79/m).

You can choose monthly PRO subscription and have 1 000 000 visits/month or annual PRO subscription ($479) with an opportunity to save 50% and end up paying $39/month only.

Overage is charged $0.04 per 1000 visits and the most amazing thing about it is that we only count VISITS your campaigns reach, clicks and conversions you get for FREE.

There’s also a free Basic account you can setup and get 100,000 visits a month for free. This is great for new affiliate marketers with a smaller budget.
If you don’t have an account already, sign up and let’s setup campaign so you can see how easy it is to use.

Tracking Ad Campaigns and Performance within AdsBridge

Creating a landing page is one thing, but being able to track it’s performance is another. Years ago affiliate marketers would need to create their landing pages in one software, upload it to their server and then integrate it with another tracking solution. Now all of this can be done right within AdsBridge.
Within AdsBridge you can track ad campaigns based on their geographic location, traffic source, traffic type and much more. Once you start receiving data on your landing pages and see a few conversions, you can then track, manage and analyze your data to see which traffic sources and landing pages are working best.
The screenshot below gives you a good idea of the type of tracking and charts that are available within AdsBridge.


The video below will give you an insider’s look at their platform as well.

Soon after setting up your campaign on AdsBridge and getting it approved by your traffic source, you will start seeing data, clicks and hopefully conversions, pouring into your AdsBridge account and then the real fun begins and the whole reason you’re using AdsBridge to begin with, optimizing and scaling your campaigns.

Play around with AdsBridge and check out all the cool features. Head over to their free landing page template gallery and download a few to tweak and test.

AdsBridge has a lot to offer and they should be another tool in your affiliate marketing toolset.
Give AdsBridge a try and contact their support team if you have any questions.

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