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Ad Communal is a performance based CPA (cost per action) advertising agency that hosts U.S. and International online ad campaigns. They have huge selections of branded offers, some of the highest payouts, 24/7 support and on time payments. Sign up today and take advantage of their tools that give you the power to become a super affiliate.
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AdCommunal Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net - 30
Payment Method: Check / Wire
Phone Numbers: 1 (866) 554-4ADS
Referral Commission: 2%
Network Platform: Proprietary
Affiliate Manager AIM: Adcommunalagent
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77 Reviews for AdCommunal

  1. Review By: Henry

    In my opinion Adcommunal is the best out there. I’ve been with them for a year and have received numerous payments from them without any problems. They have fairly wide variety of offers and really great support , my AM is Phil Mc Govern and he is pretty cool …not only that he was a friend, he helped me solve problems, gives me advice and always willing to help me in future projects

    join now and you will not be disappointed, you may ask them for any offers and the payout will beat the other networks . Extremely excellent network so far!


  2. Review By: thomas

    Adcommunal has been the most upfront network i have dealt with to date, and i have dealt with the likes of maxbounty and others. My Affiliate manager acts like he cares how i do, and assists me any way possible. If i needed something done they offered to do it with minimal complaints.

    All in all, this is an amazing network, that has a long future in front of it, and you would be lucky to be involved with them.

  3. Review By: almightyzeus

    What I Like about adcommunal are that releasing of their payments isn’t a hassle, they have very good offers, and their affiliate managers are very helpful.

  4. Review By: jimgrey

    Always find good offers to run.

  5. Review By: antads

    Great network, really helpful account managers and cool international offers

    • Hey antads,
      what type of offers do you typically run? I am looking to buy traffic from established affiliates.

  6. Review By: Dan

    Adcommunal has been one of the best networks I have worked with, they have great offers and new ones almost everyday! Their managers offer the most support out of all the networks I’ve worked with.

  7. Review By: Chris

    Great company to work with…we like how they have many Canadian based programs, and whenever you need assistance they are fantastic at responding quickly, either through email or phone. The backend reporting is also very easy to manage, and whenever we have a program generating significant response/results, our account manager contacts us to see if there are even more ways to increase those success rates…

  8. Review By: Chris

    Great crew – friendly, timely and we’ve yet to see anything close to a problem working with this company. The Canadian offers are very often from well-recognized brands, which certainly increases not only our payout potential, but brand equity on our site when running offers from companies people recognize and trust. The process of selecting individual offers is also very efficient and easy.

  9. Review By: Rana Zahid Ali

    i joined this network few days before and found this is very great network
    They have great offers to promote .Their affiliate manager are available on skype and on AIM.
    I have tried to promote their some offer and get good result

  10. Review By: Tami

    I’ve just joined AdCommunal last week. Chrystal has been very kind and helpful.
    Look forward to do business with AdCommunal.

  11. Review By: Jason

    I have been doing business with AdCommunal now for about 4 months.Come and join them, start making money.Adcommunal is the best.

  12. Review By: Alexander

    One of the best affiliate programs!

  13. Review By: James Jeeves

    The Adcommunal network is amazing. i could get into detail about why, but mostly because of the vast geo regions they offer. Ad Canadian, Ad Mobix, and so on. They always are there to answer your questions. Even if you push little amounts of traffic or large amounts. They help beginners and experts, long story short:

    Great network for beginners and guru’s as well.

    Sometimes a little heavy on the e-mails though, 5 in a day (12 hours) little bit excessive. maybe spread them out. Problem is that the emails, have new topics, but a lot of the offers have been in the last 3. Basically better organization in spreading it out so i dont get 5 emails in 12 hours that have a lot of the same offers and info in them.

    my 2 cents for you guys, all in all thought – great network.

  14. Don Roberts
    Review By: Don Roberts

    Hello, Don here from Aventura Media.It has been our pleasure to work
    with Ad Communal over the past year.Its nice when you get to work with
    people that have professionalism and courtesy as their norm, rather than
    the exception.They are definitely on our “A” list.

  15. Indigo Traffic Media
    Review By: Indigo Traffic Media

    AdCommunal is a great network. The diversity of products to be advertized is good. The online platform is friendly to users.

  16. Saurabh
    Review By: Saurabh

    A complete newbie to CPA & Affiliate Marketing. Ad Communal team helped from from scratch, suggested me campaigns based on my websites and interests. I am based out of India, they even suggested me offers for India based audience. I receive regular calls from them inquiring about any issues i might be facing. I am launching all my site and campaigns next week on full scale. Thanks to Ad Communal i am receiving good response even in Beta stage / Pre-Launch. I recommend Ad Communal over all others.

  17. Review By: Matt

    Haven’t done much volume but AM is always personable and outgoing.

  18. Jeff Coutts
    Review By: Jeff Coutts

    AdCommunal has been very helpful to me in expanding my knowledge about affilate marketing….Very exciting stuff and I learn more each day!!! Thanks! Jeff

  19. Review By: uubird

    I have been doing business with AdCommunal now for about 2 months,AdCommunal Payments are always on time.thanks AdCommunal!

  20. Robert Roach
    Review By: Robert Roach

    Joel is the best manager. He helps me find good international offers. Adcommunal is great. :)

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