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Ad Angler private affiliate network offers a wealth of affiliate programs and exclusive offers. AdAngler provides their affiliates super affiliate marketing tools to guarantee successful campaign returns. Their affiliates are pushed to run high volume and in return they can offer all their affiliates a far higher payout on all their programs. Ad Angler holds monthly contests and affiliates can collect their rewards through a prepaid debt card. Affiliates, follow the light to AdAngler!
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Ad Angler Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA / CPL / CPS
Frequency: Net-15 / Weekly
Payment Method: Check / Wire / ACH / PayPal
Phone Numbers: 1-800-960-1604, 1-800-960-1084
Referral Commission: 2%
Network Platform: HasOffers
Affiliate Manager AIM: AdAnglers , Jason Quick , Melissa Michael
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20 Reviews for Ad Angler

  1. Review By: Guy John


  2. Review By: Kashif Khan

    Hi All Affiliates,

    In reality this network no more exist on the web and if anyone has sense that you can see all the good and bad reviews about it are belongs to long time ago on dated year 2011 and not a single affiliate has found it in the starting of 2012. I had personal experience with them in back days and they are such a garbage.

    The website address “” is no more active and I also request to the “odigger” that they must remove it from their database too and do not make the serious working people confused.

    How can be a thing rated if it does not exist on current times. I am surprised how “odigger” giving it a “3 Star” rating even they don’t exist now.

    Please guide people in a right way.

  3. Review By: johnmun3

    I sent 50+ email and not single response… what happen to this network… stacy is my Am… But I never get responds… is ther any one out ther from this network.
    Please responds since you guys own me money and never responds.


  4. Review By: aeshlog

    Can anyone tell me, are they paying last time? i’m waiting and didn’t received money from them

  5. Christian M.
    Review By: Christian M.

    I have been doing business with Jason, my manager for over 8 months now. He asked me to make a post reviewing his company so I did, I strongly recommend AdAngler. I have had a great over-all experience with them and I most certainly will continue running offers with only AdAngler.

  6. Review By: Tim K.

    Great network! This is the first month I have worked with them and my payment arrived on time with no delay!

  7. Daniel Shannon
    Review By: Daniel Shannon

    I’ve been working with these guys for about 3 months and I gotta say that they are the best network out there. My AM Jason is always helpful and has the latest high converting offers for me. Can’t wait to hit 10K with them next week!

  8. miranda gale
    Review By: miranda gale

    Great network, fast payouts.

  9. Review By: John

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mike over at Ad Angler for the help and support on my latest campaign. At a 75% ROI now when 3 days ago I was only at 20%.

    Also, I look forward to moving my payments to weeklies if I can keep this volume up! Right Mike ???

    What I have read here is not fair because if you look, most of these people are sending shady traffic and barley speak English then they start bashing the network. Not good, that’s why I’m taken the time to write this review.

    Peace to all.

  10. Randall Wasserstrom
    Review By: Randall Wasserstrom

    Who received a payment? My friend told me that the network is a liar, but I do not believe, now I do not get paid, I wasted a lot of time, I really regret it

  11. Review By: liu bao lin

    This is a very bad network, almost a liar, I earn more than 2000, but did not get a penny to pay, in addition to their support is very, very slow, all of the AIM manage had never been online, my account manage one week only for work a few minutes, most of the time not in, do not reply to any messages, reply to an e-mail need to wait more than two weeks, this is the worst network I’ve ever seen

    • OK I see you send the report, I have understood what is user_agent,
      this very funny, all the lead were Sort, say that is the same user_agen, but I have seen many different MSIE 9.0 MSIE 8.0 MSIE 7.0 Windows NT 5.1 XP 2003 VSTA Firefox Opera == many different, if you know basic computer knowledge you will understand of this world is only this user_agent A large number of repeat is normal contrast if more 2000 lead user_agen all the not same, I think it is really a problem Finally, I studied the report of your time stamp, I think this is the time the conversion is complete statistics, the United States the Internet is very fast, this conversion should be completed in a very short time. Should be completed within a few seconds. Conversely if a conversion last a long time, even a few minutes, I think the same it is really a problem

      I heard almost no one get paid, Not the strength of the network, but up to 1000 to pay the minimum thread you really a bad network!

    • Same_Computer-User-Agents


    • Here is your proof again, this time for all to see. And yes we can see IP Addresses, Browser, User Agent, Date And Time, Date and Time Difference and much more we are keeping a secret.

      The days of fraud leads are coming to an end. HasOffers has beat you!

      And your quote “the same user agent? You talk nonsense”
      Guess what it’s real, and it is bringing an end your career!




    • Can you please explain how you promoted the offer?

      Kristen Hailey
      Affiliate Manager
      AIM:     adanglerkristen
      Fax:     1.800.960.1084

      This email may include confidential information intended only for the named individual or company. If you received this email by mistake or are not the intended individual/company, please disregard and delete the email and any or all copies. It is unlawful to read, disclose, or use any confidential or privileged information found in this email if you are not the intended recipient.

      On 8/2/11 10:04 AM, “” wrote:

      > Do you understand computer technology? Who tell you same IP, the same
      > user agent? You talk nonsense Blue Phoenix is ​​notorious SCAM Network
      > ad from this network share the you network also is a liar
      > On Tue, 02 Aug 2011 01:50:33 -0400, “Ad Angler “
      > wrote:
      >> You did fraud on our network we sent you proof. All your leads where
      >> fraud.
      >> If you feel cheated we can set up a meeting with you and Blue Phoenix
      >> Network, but until you can provide us real proof of how you promoted
      >> RetroGamer we can not help you. Your leads are fraud and you
      >> generated them
      >> from a program. All leads are popping from the same computer (user
      >> agent)
      >> and IP address.
      >> Kristen Hailey
      >> Affiliate Manager
      >> AIM:     adanglerkristen
      >> Email:
      >> Fax:     1.800.960.1084
      >> Site:
      >> This email may include confidential information intended only for the
      >> named
      >> individual or company. If you received this email by mistake or are
      >> not the
      >> intended individual/company, please disregard and delete the email
      >> and any
      >> or all copies. It is unlawful to read, disclose, or use any
      >> confidential or
      >> privileged information found in this email if you are not the
      >> intended
      >> recipient.
      >> On 8/2/11 1:15 AM, “”
      >> wrote:
      >>> I do not know you a weekly working time is a few minutes, your
      >>> response
      >>> so slow, you are the snail network? My proof has been sent to you,
      >>> you
      >>> did not give me any reply, I do not know if you receive no!
      >>> ——– Original Message ——–
      >>> Subject: Re: I Need To Know How You Where Promoting Our Offer
      >>> Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 07:08:37 -0400
      >>> From:
      >>> To: “Ad Angler “
      >>> First, I explained, the “forum posting” because waiting for many
      >>> days
      >>> no reply, so I just want the forum to seek help, OK I have to
      >>> describe
      >>> the traffic, I am here to buy Widget traffic, this three shots, I
      >>> bought
      >>> the cost of transportation, which is an advertising company
      >>> On Mon, 25 Jul 2011 02:19:02 -0400, “Ad Angler “
      >>> wrote:
      >>>> I need to know how you where promoting this offer:
      >>>> “Please provide us with details on where the offer was being
      >>>> promoted?”
      >>>> Please get back to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so there is no more delay
      >>>> in your
      >>>> payment.
      >>>> Thanks,
      >>>> Kristen Hailey
      >>>> ————-
      >>>> Hello,
      >>>> It appears that some sort of script was firing the pixel manually
      >>>> on
      >>>> the
      >>>> offer and the advertiser is currently looking into the data further
      >>>> but, has
      >>>> given us the leads that will be returned.
      >>>> Please provide us with details on where the offer was being
      >>>> promoted
      >>>> as this
      >>>> is not the type of traffic that we can permit on our offers.
      >>>> Thank you,
      >>>> Blue Phoenix Network
      >>>> —————

  12. You gotta be kidding
    Review By: You gotta be kidding

    I would never run traffic to a network who’s owner gets on a public forum and calls affiliates names.

    I don’t care what kind of proof of fraud you have. You don’t act that like when you’re running a company. How unprofessional. I would never trust them with my traffic.

    • Don’t work with us then.
      If you don’t follow the rules and then slander us. You get Outed. Plain and Simple!

      A warning to all frauders and unprofessional affiliates not willing to take the time to read our terms of service and then decide to talk trash.

      If you want to badmouth us for no good reason, we can do the same. But, if you live in the US we do in fact act a little more professional. By sending you a wonderful present to your doorstep from Ad Angler in the form of a lawsuit. Some advice, don’t sign for it.

  13. Review By: Ree S.


    I was in the same situation as you in the beginning. I’ve worked with several network before and some of them are pretty quick to respond when it comes to emails or phone calls. I tested out Ad Anglers offer for the month of April and I had some results. Not high amount of $$$, but it was a good ROI. So I did a little bit more for the month of May. Around mid June, I was waiting for my April commission (under $100) and May (over $100). I emailed (1st time) them asking why it wasn’t sent yet. I called the number posted on their website and it led to a vm, so I left a vm. I was getting frustrated thinking I was being scammed.

    But next thing you know I was getting an email from Michael and he said he would take care of my account from now on. He also told me that I was on a net30, which explains why I havent received my commission (my fault). He provided me a direct contact number if I have any questions or concern. July comes along and I still haven’t received my commission, but after getting a Phone Call from Michael assuring me that he would take care it, I felt a little better. I then received an email saying that he would overnight the check the very next day, and they did. I received it the following day. But a certain complaince issue came a long, so he called me and explained the situation. They emailed me asking me nicely not to cash the check until the situation is resolved. I didnt. But he assured me that as soon as its resolved, he will wire or send another check overnight.

    I know my story might be pointless to you guys, but the fact that he actually called several times regarding the situation shows me that he really cares about not only his network, but also the affilliates that makes his network run. even if its as small as me. I’m not one of their super affiliate that makes $100K a month but it feels good to know that I’m treated as one. He’s even helping me out on other verticals besides email marketing and he the CEO. I have several “affiliate managers” who would even get back to me when I ask them for help. I’m really excited to work more with Michael and Ad Angler in the future.

    In short, although I still haven’t been paid (for understandable reason) they’re not a scam and like what MattnBrenda said… if you’re a legitimate advertiser, give AdAngler a shot.

  14. Review By: Julie Guillen

    I have very little to no experience at online marketing or promotion of products. I will say that AdAngler is the easiest, most user-friendly affiliate site on the web and their support team is GREAT! I can call them at any time and I get my questions answered. This is very important to an intimidated new web marketer such as myself so if you are considering this as a new venture or a part time job from home, please DO use AdAngler as your affiliate source for products and great customer service.

    Thank you all at AdAngler for making this as easy as possible for me!


  15. huluo2005
    Review By: huluo2005

    This network looks good, sign up simple, but sign all the ads are rejected, some of the other networks do not need the approval of ad same is rejected, now I have only one ad! why?

    • Email me or your AM and we will get you your offers. If we can’t we will explain what is wrong with your account, website, promotional type, fraud score… ect. and we will help you solve your issues to get you up and running. If your legit and have good traffic we want you on right away. I personally don’t do our offer approvals. We have over 300 requests a day its overwhelming. If you signed up for all at once that could be why you where rejected. Try one at a time if this is the case. Please email your AM if you are ever denied and they will tell you why.

      We have this in place to prevent fraud. Hopefully, you will understand that we are being proactive to prevent fraud. We are NOT saying we believe you to be fraud but something with your account stopped your approval. It could be a minor issue.

      QUOTE: (not directed to anyone)
      “Our private offers are our bread and butter, those are the ones we have serious affiliate marketers currently running with seriously high quality leads. I’m sorry you where denied but we never take chances with disturbing an affiliate who is crushing an offer by adding someone we don’t know who could or could not produce fraud leads. We also have some special agreements with certain advertisers that you had to of run another offer first with us and the lead quality must be checked for quality before you can be added. Please never be offended by a denial. How would you feel if you where crushing a private offer with us for 5K a day, and smack the offer is paused right in the middle of your PPC campaign due to a fast 50 fraud leads all from the same computer produced by a pub we didn’t know, high fraud score or other warning signs. I’d be seriously upset. We have these rules set up for the safety of our advertisers but most importantly so our affiliates always have a pleasant headache free experience with us. “

  16. Review By: Brad

    I had some compliance issues pop up for an As Seen On TV offer (they tend to be pretty strict about company names, etc.) – I was 100% at fault, but Ad Angler fought hard to make it right, and get the leads paid for.

    Michael put in a lot of extra effort and time to get me the earnings I had piled up over the last few months, which I’m incredibly thankful for. I’ll be continuing to rock my offers with Ad Angler – seriously top quality network!

  17. Review By: oeight

    I have been in this business for over a year now and I have to admit that there were other companies that really scams, they let you accumulate your earnings and delete your account without even warn you. Try to contact them and nobody answers both on email and telephone.

    Ad Angler however is different. This is the truth and Ad angler is not paying me to say this, I am just telling the truth. Whenever I have questions or things that I don’t understand I emailed the support team and they respond as soon as they can. What makes me glad is that not only is there one support team but sometimes three, that answers the question. They guide me and they never pressured me on anything. I am just a new affiliate at ad angler and before I applied I research for comments and reviews about the company. And I happened to stumble upon a negative comment about ad angler, that’s why I decided to email Ad angler and I felt relieved that they are real person. They are like a handful of sand on the beach. They are one in a million, they are true and helpful.
    That is why I am sharing the good news to tell everyone that Ad angler is real. Thank you Ad angler!

  18. mattnbrenda
    Review By: mattnbrenda

    I must say, this is one easiest networks I’ve dealt with. They have a nice variety of offers and don’t make you jump through hoops to get approved to run them. Yes it would be nice to pick up the phone and call when you have a question, but with all the scamming going on in this industry I completely understand the reasoning behind the change. Bottom line, if you are a legitimate advertiser and like ease of use, I recommend Ad Angler.

  19. Review By: Michael Square

    OK, I’m calling you out BurnedAffiliate, give me your ID number and I will post your lead report right here for you and all to see!

    That’s great, you proud of that post. Seriously, if our company claimed fraud on you then we surely sent you the detailed report and specifically shown you the fraud leads. Sadly, we are destroying our industry because we actually are sending you a-holes the full report so you can just get better at fraud. We figured just be up front with frauders and they won’t act like little babies all over comment boards. For gods sakes, you really think this looks like it helps your situation?

    Did you even look at it or just get all huffy puffy? We don’t scam anyone, never have. In fact, we are one of the only companies that promises all our publishers if we collect your commissions from our advertiser, we will pay you! Simple as that!

    Dude, even if it was just a compliance violation we even pay as long as the funds showed up.

    If you want a live person then email me directly and I’ll call you directly (unless your in china or india) just not worth the minutes.

    michael @ adangler dot com

    And yes our 800 number doesn’t forward to anyones cell anymore. You should of kinda figured that out when I took it of our website about 3 months ago and send the letter below letting you know about our toll-free number. If you just left a voicemail it would email the AM you left it for with an mp3 for them to listen to and respond to you.

    Here is the email i sent everyone too:

    Michael here,

    I personally made the decision a few months ago to take down our toll-free number from our website, all staff members email signatures and all affiliate accounts and strictly use email communication from this point on.

    I personally feel all dealing are much safer with actual transcript than a phone conversation. This was mainly decided to eliminate misunderstandings and legal liabilities among our advertisers not affiliate issues. Ad Angler has recently grown substantially and one major truth to this business is with the presence of larger amounts of traffic and higher amounts of commissions to collect from more advertisers, the greater the risk of a lawsuits or worst advertiser non-payments because a misunderstanding over the phone with our sale team. Although we have legal contacts with all our advertiser to help protect us, this just felt like an extra layer of protection and was advised by our lawyer.

    On a side note, I did eliminate all extensions on our phone system from forwarding calls directly to my affiliate managers cell phones. So yes the extension you dialed would not of picked up, but all voicemails left to that extensions inbox does still record and instantly emails that recording directly to the corresponding staff members for that extension, all my affiliate managers are fully capable of listening to the left voicemail to on their computer and able to quickly respond back through email. I was however hoping to completely do away with our phone lines soon for everyone.

  20. Review By: BurnedAffiliate

    This is not a reputable network. They choose to pay you only by check and when your scheduled payment comes up they will claim fraud and keep your earnings.

    Any attempts to call or email their offices are ignored. They also are attempting to hide this activity by placing shill reviewers on consumer report sites like They are so blatant on these boards now they don’t even bother to leave positive reviews. They are suppressing and pushing down the negative reviews by simply entering nonsense into the review box.

    Affiliates, try calling their 800 number and see if you can ever reach a live person.


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