oDigger is an affiliate marketing tool built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

What type of affiliate marketing experience do we have? We started promoting affiliate offers in 2007 with a measly cash investment and 0 experience. The business grew organically through out 2008 and by the beginning of 2009 we were proud owners of a multimillion-dollar operation.

It really is amazing how quickly you can grow a business online. A crucial element to our success was the ability to recognize and capitalize on affiliate opportunities. This included finding affiliate offers with a winning landing pages, strong products or services and most importantly, high payouts.

But it was exhaustingly time consuming to do this type of research. We would have to sign up and log in to every affiliate network, compare payouts, compare offers and compare landing pages. We would track everything manually and it took FOREVER.

Sometimes we would get lazy and not check all the networks for the best deal. For example, we were promoting one product for $35 per sale when we could have promoted the same product with another network for $40 per sale! You do the math... yes we missed out big time.

So we recognized an opportunity to create a tool that would instantly tell us the stats and payouts of affiliate offers across multiple networks.

At first we used this tool internally (I couldn"t thank our developers enough for making it!). Then we realized it would be extremely useful to other affiliates if we brought it to the market.

And so, oDigger was launched. It is free to use, updated daily and tracks affiliate networks all over the web. Know you are getting the highest payout and promoting the best offer. It will send your business flying into the black!

We always want to hear feedback on how to improve oDigger and your experience while using oDigger. Please send us any feedback you may have to support [at] odigger [dot] com. Thanks!