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EvoLeads: - EvoLeads is a community incorporating various CPA networks
- Hosted by EvoLeads, a Montreal based online marketing firm
- 10 years of affiliate marketing industry experience
- Publishers: access to 500+ offers across verticals
- Advertisers: access to 200 active publishers across platforms

Key Features: - High payouts
- On-time payments
- Free comprehensive tracking and analytic platform
- Professional and experienced affiliate managers
- Exclusive offers updated daily

Now with EvoLeads’ speical publisher referral program, you can earn 5% on all commissions paid out to the publishers you referred to the network. Offer valid until December 31, the rate resumes to 1% thereafter.

Feel free to contact us for more details!
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Babes video - ZA

Babes video - ZA ReviewPreview
$1.60 / cpl
Added: Mar 06


Edenflirt ReviewPreview
€6.00 / cpl  ( about: $7.72 )
Added: Mar 06

Garcinia Cambogia Select - CPS

Garcinia Cambogia Select - CPS ReviewPreview
$61.00 / cpl
Added: Mar 06
EvoLeads Network Details
Number Of Offers:
Minimum Payment: $100
Commission Type: CPA
Frequency: NET-15
Payment Method: Wire / Paypal / Check
Phone Numbers: +1 514 495 9001
Referral Commission: 5%
Network Platform: Proprietary
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10 Reviews for EvoLeads

  1. Review By: githunu

    READ how evoleads scammed me of alot of money:

    Don’t waste your time, it took me 60 days to get less than 10% of my earnings with that network after shaving the rest. I had invested over $500 in my campaigns and actually asked one of their support staff to help in integrating my third party traffic partner! After inquiring, the AM told me there was nothing they could do yet their tracking was showing 168 legit conversions, my traffic was genuine and transparent. i was to be paid $1072, they only paid me a mere $96!

    Use evoleads for your perils, don’t say you were never warned.

    • Yes. I agree with your comments.
      EvoLeads is SCAM Network. They will not pay you and they just keep your money. Should stay away from this network.

    • Maybe you didn’t have your tracking set up correctly?

      Were the 168 conversions showing up in your tracker or affiliate network account?

  2. Review By: dance

    EvoLeads is SCAM network. Everyone should stay away from this network if you do not want to lose your money with this bad network.
    I tried to contact them through email / Skype / Phone but I did not receive any response from them. I was waiting for payments from this network over 5 months and I did not get anything from them.
    There are many other better network to earn money so do not interested in the network like EvoLeads.

  3. Review By: dance

    I still waiting for my payment from last 4 months. I emailed many time but no Response. What the hell is going on with this network.
    Stay away from EvoLeads if you do not want to lose your money. It is a warning to anyone who would like to work for this network.
    EvoLeads is SCAM…..

  4. Review By: cpamokey

    Got 16k plus pending since May 2016 and they are unresponsive. They are neither available on phone nor they respond via Email.
    EvoLeads is 100% SCAM NETWORK. A Pathetic Network and Stay away from them!

  5. Rating:44444

    I recommend Evoleads.

    Have worked with Brandon and Chrissy and they’re both awesome.

    Their exclusive offers convert very well and they pay relatively fast.

  6. Review By: installsads

    It worked for me. I’ve being working with them for 3 months and they pay, slowly but they pay

  7. Review By: in1out1

    good network but payments are slow in the beginning.

  8. Review By: frank2011

    Payments always on time every month without fail and there is always support available if you need it. Highly recommended! :)

  9. Review By: noc1

    Very good network with on time payments…First i was bit worried to try this network for having only one review, but my AM Tyler had put me on NET 7 for quicker payments. And today i got paid through Paypal.

    I highly recommend them :)

  10. Review By: samualv

    I really like working with them. They pay me on time, and have very cool affiliate managers too!

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