5 Powerful Principles for High-Conversion Landing Pages


Landing pages are one of the most important tools in your affiliate marketing toolbox. They’re also one of the most-underutilized tools in the affiliate marketing toolbox. Anyone can throw together a landing page with tons of eye-grabbing images and strong calls to action, but it isn’t just about having the right elements. A truly high-conversion landing page – one that sells as much as twice what another page might sell – requires something special.

If you want to immediately increase your click-through rate and turn an underperforming landing page into a cash cow, read on.

1. Remember what a landing page is supposed to do. You might not believe it, but a landing page isn’t supposed to be designed so that search engines can find it, so that you can show off how cool a product is, or even make sales. A landing page is supposed to meet the reader’s felt need. Give them what it is they’re looking for, and give it to them fast. The call to action should be clear, easy, and above the fold, if possible. If it’s down at the bottom of the page, most of your readers aren’t going to see it, much less click on it.

2. Good images equal increased conversions. Crappy stock photography and grainy videos aren’t going to sell anything. Images are powerful, and are often the first (and often only) thing a reader sees. Rotate between potential images, and test them out, tracking your results. Use only high-quality, attractive images that relate directly to the branding, headline, and other marketing elements you’re using on the page and on other marketing efforts.

3. Content isn’t king for landing pages, it’s god. Your content has to be crisp, simple, and relevant. Master the art of powerful headlines. Match your content to the page creative. Don’t obscure your message behind widgets and goofy graphics. Get the headline, a list of benefits, and a call to action all on the first page read.

4. Trust is earned, not given. Your readers want to believe your offer is legitimate, but chances are pretty good they’ve been burned before. At the very least, they’ve seen the horror stories on 60 minutes about people getting ripped off on pages that look strikingly similar to yours. You need to earn the visitor’s trust. You do that with high-quality product photos, well-written copy, a link to a privacy policy, a satisfaction guarantee, and secure payment methodology.

5. Back off. Your page should be welcoming, and it should include a call to action above the fold, but it doesn’t need to be pushy. Many customers will immediately navigate away from the page if they feel like they’re reading a sales pitch. Balance your calls to action with useful and quality information and imagery. Don’t clutter the content, or the reader will feel overwhelmed.

Master these five principles and your landing pages will be more successful than 90% of the competition.

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  1. I’ve been working on traffic. Now that I’m getting a decent amount I realize this is the next phase in my IM business is working on conversion. I find it very exciting that by increasing conversion from a mere 1% to 2% you can double your profits! I look forward to that, for sure! LOL

  2. Could you please remove/change the blam ad with yellow spinning head of a clown. (http://cdn3.odigger.com/wp-content/plugins/oiopub-direct/uploads/ShaFN7_fYRpJQ_blamads2.gif) I’ve got a headache because of that and can’t read the article normally. Very distracting and annoying. Thanks

  3. I know this article is geared toward affiliate marketing, but it seems that the same concept would apply for general business owners as well. I am a dentist (with practices in Houston and Cincinnati) and we have been knocking it out of the part since we studied our analytics and worked on landing page optimization!

  4. nice……….

  5. Whenever I turn over my email address on a LP, I always study it to see why it worked on me. And I don’t think there’s one, set template for a landing page that would make a good example. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. But your article is spot on, Bob. I’ve opted in on some of the weirdest looking LPs out there but they all contain the basic ingredients you mention.

  6. I would love to see an example of a landing page that you think really knocks it out of the park!