3 Reasons Why You Should Work With BuckSense


Amid all the fluff and hot air that comes steaming out of many affiliate network marketing vents it’s truly refreshing to discover a network that backs up their talk. We've been working recently with a new network called Bucksense and they have all the tools and prospects to be a major player in our industry and to make a lot of affiliates very rich.

BuckSense is an international performance-based network with a focus on mobile, casual gaming and online dating cpa offers. They are headquartered in the USA and have offices (and offers) in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

BuckSense also has a sugar daddy. Rumors of networks with cash flow problems not being able to pay affiliates have been swirling recently. BuckSense won't ever have that problem. They are financially backed by Acotel Group, a leading wireless services company publicly traded on the Milan Stock Exchange (MIL: ACO), which apparently has pockets deeper than the mariana trench.

We got to know the guys over at BuckSense over the past week and they are smart, loaded and hungry to become a power player in the affiliate world. So if you haven’t registered an account with them to see what they’re all about, you should do so today.

3 Simple Reasons To Join Bucksense

1. Sky high payouts – almost all BuckSense's relationships with advertisers are first tier which means they work with them directly. Bucksense has great personal relationships with their advertisers and therefore has negotiated some ludicrously high payouts. You won’t find higher in their categories.
2. They pay on time – Ok, so a lot of networks say this but Bucksense backs it up. If payments are not submitted on time, they will credit your account with a $100 BONUS for every day your payment is delayed! Bet you never thought you would be hoping your commissions come in a day late.
3. They WILL pay you – As I mentioned earlier, Bucksense is backed by a big company (the Acotel Group) which means they have cash and they’re serious about growing their business. Acotel Group publically guarantees that they will deliver the funds to every single one of their affiliates.

Those are 3 solid reasons if I’ve ever seen them! Bucksense is also the EXCLUSIVE agency of record of Flycell and Yabox and because they are the AOR for Flycell, they can offer the following payouts for their PIN submit offers:

US - $12.00
CA - $4.50
AR - $0.25
BR - $0.85
ES - $10.50
IT - $9.50
JO - $0.90
MX - $1.50
TR - $0.90
ZA - $4.50

These guys are really serious about business. As I mentioned above, they offer a Payment Guarantee that pays affiliates a BONUS of $100 for every day their payment is delayed. We’ve never seen this in our industry so we think this is one thing that really sets this network apart from the rest. Plus with fat cat parent company Acotel Group footing the bill, you know they'll deliver.

This network is treating their affiliates extremely well, so get in on it and join BuckSense today!

Join BuckSense Today

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