3 High Converting Landing Pages Even YOU Could Design

A simple landing page can take a struggling affiliate campaign and thrust it into profitopolis. So why do so many affiliates avoid using landing pages? Because they think they don't have the skills to design them. This is a massive misconception! To demonstrate, let me show you 3 examples of high conversion landing pages that ANYONE can design with a simple WYSIWYG web editor such as 90 Second Website Builder which we're offering a limited time special deal on :)

First, I would like to address a common misconception about affiliate landing pages. They DO NOT have to be fancy, complicated or even pretty. Stop thinking that you're designing your landing page to be hung in an art gallery. Your landing page should be designed to convert. And as long as your landing page is simple, reinforces the message of your sales funnel and is clear about what action they would like a user to take it will convert.

Here are 3 simple landing pages that rake in the conversions:

1. Zoosk Lander by UberAffiliate

As you can see, this lander is simple and even looks pretty good too. It was designed to butter users up before they continued on to Zoosk to sign up. It pretty much consists of a headline, a couple action buttons, list of benefits, image of a girl and the Zoosk brand colors. All in all this is NOT that difficult to design in a WYSIWYG webpage builder like 90SecondWebsiteBuilder. Plus, you can recreate this page under any other brand (Speeddate, True.com etc) and it would still work.

For a detailed breakdown of this page, see UberAffiliate's full post.

2. IQ Quiz by Stackman

The story behind this landing page is that Stackman took a graphically intense landing page and simplified it. The results were much higher conversions. As you can see, this lander does not have many graphical elements and would be relatively simple to create with a drag and drop WYSIWYG webpage builder.

3. Health Insurance Lander by Getlandersgetpaid

This general health care lander is a classic example of a simple well organized design that has the 7 elements required to drive conversions:

1. Headline
2. Sub-headline
3. Relevant image
4. Personal message
5. List of benefits
6. Call to action
7. Action button!

Try doing it yourself!

So here's a challenge for you. Try to recreate landing page number 3 above, the Health Care lander, using a WYSIWYG webpage builder. We recommend 90SecondWebsiteBuilder because it is a true drag and drop webpage designer and can make simple landing pages like this quickly and easily.

90 Second Website Builder is free to try, you get to play with it for 30 days and there is no credit card required!

If you can design landing page #3 all by yourself using 90SecondWebpageBuilder, then you have the skills you need to create a high converting landing page in any market.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mark. Very well written. But the problem always is that many people are more interested in the complicated, rather than the simple, as you have just explained here. They haven’t created their high converting landing pages yet because they are still looking for the complicated.