3 Good Reasons To Work With CPAtrend


CPAtrend is a network you need to have in your quiver.

They are industry experts, they know how to keep their affiliates happy ("We pay our affiliate early" said CPAtrend CEO Phil Shapiro when we interviewed him last month), they know how to keep advertisers happy (which is becoming a rarity these days), and, for reasons I'll explain later, the same offers seem to convert better with them. CPAtrend knows what their strengths are and they do them very well:

3 Good Reasons To Work With CPAtrend

1. The Best Dating, Gaming, Credit Reports and Lead Gen Offers - if you're in any of these niches (or thinking about breaking in) you're doing yourself a disservice if you're not a CPAtrend affiliate. CPAtrend specializes in the aforementioned niches and they make it their priority to have the best converting offers and a wide variety to choose from.

2. Top tier network (aka highest payouts available) - CPAtrend has an excellent relationship with their advertisers and they get all their offers strait from the source. There are no middlemen or refurbished offers to take away from your payouts. Plus, since CPAtrend is tight with their advertisers, there is virtually 0 scrub. This is why their offers seem to convert better. The leads you make are the leads you get paid for.

3. Clockwork Payments and Lightening Fast Payment Terms - and if you're a quality affiliate they have been known to pay out even if they themselves don't get paid by the advertiser (for whatever reason, it's happened to us before). Now THAT'S putting affiliates first and I'm all about working with affiliate networks like CPAtrend that take care of their affiliates.

Bonus - CPAtrend operates on the Cake Marketing tracking platform, which is the Ferrari of tracking solutions. This means that your leads ALWAYS get tracked and none slip through the cracks.

So, as I mentioned above CPAtrend always supplies powerful offers and frequently carries offers and deals you won't find anywhere else. You'll get paid on time every time for all the traffic you run and, since they are workaholics, they provide round the clock support via phone, IM, Skype, email, carrier pigeon you name it.

Want To Start With Bi-Monthly Payments?

Since CPAtrend has a thing for us they have made a very special offer: publishers who reference this oDigger network review will start on bi-weekly payment terms upon acceptance into our network (as opposed to the initial monthly net-15 terms). See? They just can't wait to pay you!

Meet The CPAtrend Team In The Flesh At Affiliate Summit West

Meet the CPAtrend team at Affiliate Summit West in Vega over the weekend of January 8th 2012. They'll be rocking table #71 in the Meet Market

Join CPAtrend Today

If you're not already a CPAtrend join CPAtrend today. You'll thank us later!

ps. If you've worked with CPATrend before and like what they're doing leave them a friendly review! http://odigger.com/cpatrend/

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