So easy even your Dad can do it (top affiliates make $85,000 per day)


The verdict is in. Air Installer is so easy, effective and profitable, even your dad can do it.

For those of you who don’t know, Air Installer is a unique platform that connects affiliates, software developers and download websites with Tier 1 advertisers during the download process.

Making money with Air Installer is so straightforward and consistent that some affiliates have started to get their dads on board. Not a bad way to make retirement just a little sweeter, right?

For one Air Installer dad-affiliate-extraordinaire, “Seeing my son’s monthly revenue skyrocket like that was incredible. He’s always been a hard worker, but when he started with Air Installer earlier this year, I could see he was working smart and being rewarded for it. It didn’t take long to realize that old dad should get off the sidelines and get in on the action too.”

With the highest payouts per download, a top notch tracking system and good old fashioned customer service, top Air Installer affiliates are generating more than $85,000 per day. Seriously.

Air Installer co-founder explains, “The magic is in our technology.  Our algorithm based PC exe installer was built in-house to monetize download traffic for our internal team. We started accepting partners just one year ago and are committed to working with a small group so we can offer the best customer support.  It would be hard to find a network with a higher partner/revenue ratio.” 

Air Installer launched 3 years ago, has quadrupled in size each year and produced some newly rich affiliates. Its technology keeps getting better so the gravy train will keep on rolling.

Sign up for Air Installer today and see for yourself!



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  1. What does this program actually help with?

  2. So the website doesn’t exactly make clear on how the affiliate makes money. Does the affiliate distribute his unique download links and then make money on downloads? What about people without any websites?