Why I’m Addicted To IMTODAY.COM

IM Today

Ok, I want to tell you guys about a new site I can’t go 57 minutes without checking. I hit this site up at the crack of dawn while I sip my morning coffee and let it sit open in a browser all day as I oversee the operations of my business (clearly I'm a functioning addict :) ). The stimulant I'm talking about is called IMTODAY.COM and it's a Digg.com-esque aggregator of affiliate marketing news, info, training and quirks.

I'm a huge fan of content aggregator sites but I prefer IM Today as my substance of choice because it's chronological, curated, clean and delivers information from more sources (hundreds of sites!) than any other aggregator. That means my brain is instantly alerted of breaking affiliate marketing intel and only the most important and relevant information gets shared since each post much earn a stamp of approval from the super-affiliates who run IM Today. Oh, and it’s free. Did I mention that?

As you can see when you visit IM Today, they aggregate their posts in a list (newest first) with time stamps. I find it much easier to digest this way. Other content aggregator sites tend to organize their posts in blocks separated by which publication produced the post. It's really easy to miss new, fat and juicy posts this way because they could be published in the 37th block 11 feet below the fold.

The founder of IM Today, Patrick Kennedy, is a super-affiliate and he, along with a team of handpicked pros, curates all posts that make the IM Today front page. This way you know you're getting the goods every time you log on. Plus, if auto aggregators are left to their own devices they're prone to train wrecks so it's good to know that a set of mammalian eyes are overseeing the content.

As for the content, I was surprised to find that IM Today not only brings you news from internet marketing blogs and news publications, they also tune you in to valuable forum posts! Affiliate marketing forums incubate some of the most powerful information in the industry. But with so many forums and so much activity on most of them it's easy to miss the heavy hitting threads. That's where IM Today comes in. If there's a post with some great info being thrown around, they're on it and they're letting you in!

To tap into the IM Today info well simply go there and start clicking. I would also recommend creating an account though it is not required. With an account you can quickly custom configure which info you want in your feed. With hundreds of sites and topics (SEO, PPV, Facebook, Email, CPA etc) it pays to dial in your info to the juice that's important to you. Plus, you can bookmark outstanding posts and they'll always be right there when you need them.

Ready to become an IM Today addict? See the latest news!

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