Earn Up To $100 Per Lead With This Growing Interactive Affiliate Program

LivePerson Affiliate Program

While in New York for Ad Tech last week we met with Brian Schwartz who works with a fast growing chat service that has a notable affiliate program. The product is called LivePerson.com/Experts and it’s a high converter, offers fat payouts and boasts infinite scalability.

What Is LivePerson?

LivePerson.com/Experts is a chatting platform where you can go to meet and learn from experts on a variety of subjects. Think of it as a real-time forum except instead of throwing a thread out into the community, you hand pick an expert to answer your questions and educate you. You can get instant medical advice from real Doctors, tech support from freelance geeks, legal advice from those who know the law, tutoring from professors and much more.

The experts on LivePerson are carefully selected and must be manually vetted to earn the label of "expert". In particular, doctors and mental health practitioners must pass thorough background checks (MDs verified etc) to ensure that they are qualified to give advice.

LivePerson is a paid chat service and each expert sets their own rates. Rates range from a 10 cents per minute to up to $20 per minute (must be some good advice!). Most experts allow you to ask your questions off the clock so they can assess your issues and charge you only for their answers and discussion.

What does this mean for affiliates?

So, what does this have to do with affiliate marketing? Well LivePerson is growing exponentially and, like Groupon, it is largely due to their strong affiliate program. They want to keep up the fat growth and are offering affiliates $25 for every new client who signs up to chat with an expert (regardless of how much they spend). The more clients you refer to LivePerson, the more they shell out. They'll even pay up to $100 per client if you refer over 100 clients in a month to their Spirituality section.

That's great and all, but is LivePerson profitable to promote?

Yes! I have 3 words for you: Scalable High Converter.

People are signing up to LivePerson by the bucket load because they can get real answers, training and counseling from real people. And they don't even have to leave their house. It's a strong product and it converts.
The payouts are solid and, because LivePerson works directly with their affiliates, you can easily negotiate better terms if you start to run some volume with them.

The angles to promote LivePerson are endless and it's a program that thrives with PPC, SEO and social media campaigns. There are many subjects of expertise on LivePerson but I would recommend promoting to people looking for medical answers. There are many medical conditions, which could make up your keyword or site list, and people with health issues are usually highly motivated to get answers. Same could be said for people seeking legal and tech advice.

And You Can Make Your Own Coupon!

To help drive conversions, LivePerson lets you create your own coupon, for example $15 off the first session for new clients. Simply ask your affiliate manager for a coupon and, depending on the volume you can produce, they give you your own custom coupon. This is a powerful client creating tool that increases conversion % that much more and helps send your campaigns way into the black.

LivePerson's affiliate program is doing everything right. So get in there before it gets saturated!

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Send requests and questions to Affiliates@LivePerson.com

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  1. Faisal Sattar

    I would to learn more about affiliate program, if I want to work from Pakistan-Karachi, how it will work? Is there any fee for joining? What sort of responsibilities on my shoulders if I work for this?


    • Adnan Sattar

      Yes Mr Faisal Sattar I would also love to know more about this program and i am sure many ppl like us would want to know more about it.

  2. van bommel

    thank you very much liveperson you guy are doin a great job