PPC Challenge. My First Facebook Ads Campaign!

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The guys at oDigger challenged me to build a $100+ per day ppc affiliate campaign from scratch… And I accepted! Though I’ve been making money online full-time for 3 years (blogging and SEO) I’m relatively new to ppc affiliate marketing. This is the first post on my journey.  I’ll give you an uncensored look at everything I learn including which ad service I go with, what my ads look like, what my targeting tactics are, how I choose affiliate offers (

I haven’t done much with PPC advertising but I’m seeing more and more information on Facebook ads and I’m thinking it’s time I took the leap.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and testing lately and I’m ready to give it another try.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about using PPC advertising in your affiliate marketing campaigns, too, and maybe you’re like me – You just don’t know where to start.  My problem was I just had so many questions and I was over-thinking everything.  PPC advertising is just like anything else – you need to spend a certain amount of time gaining knowledge and then you just have to stop thinking and take action.

The biggest reason I haven’t already taken the plunge is because I just found Google Adwords to be so confusing and both times I tried it I lost a bundle of money.  But, like I said, I’ve been doing a lot of research Facebook ads and I feel pretty confident now.  If you’ve been thinking about jumping into the PPC arena yourself, let me share some of my new-found wisdom with you and then maybe we can both take action together.

Why even consider PPC advertising?  Isn’t it a gamble?

This is business and in the business world Time Equals Money.  Period.  I can either spend tons of time writing articles and blog posts and bookmarking and linking and waiting for the Google gods to index everything or I can spend some money and get the traffic I want delivered to my doorstep TODAY.

Over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve done a ton of research and some of the most successful affiliate marketers I’ve seen use PPC advertising to drive traffic.  In the past it’s always been Adwords.  But more and more I’m seeing these guys switch over to Facebook ads.  And with just the little bit of testing I’ve done, I can see why.

Any method you use to get traffic is a gamble.  You can take certain steps to improve your success rate but you can never predict how an individual will react when he sees your ad.

Article marketing doesn’t cost money but it does take time.  And you should be monitoring the CTR on those articles, your EPC and your ROI just like you would if you were paying for traffic.  Remember, this is a business, and in the business world – Time Equals Money.

How much money am I risking with PPC advertising?

I’m with ya on this one.  This is the one thing that was really holding me back.  I’m not independently wealthy.  But a lot of these young kids ARE – because they had the guts to take action right from the start.  I’m thinking it’s about time I started hanging out with the younger, more daring crowd.

I’ve been following a blogger named Justin Dupre.  Maybe you’ve seen his blog – Justin Dupre, Internet Marketer and Consultant.  Yeah, I know, everybody and their brother has a Make Money Online blog but so far, this guy hasn’t lead me in the wrong direction.  In fact, I followed his advice and made $50 off a $15 test ad!  On Facebook!

Which brings us to money.  I was always under the impression that these big shot marketers were spending thousands of dollars a day on PPC ads.  They probably are NOW but that’s only because they have thousands of ads running every day.

But PPC advertising is like anything else in this business.  You can start out small until you find something that works and then just scale it up.  Like I said, I ran one little test ad for an afternoon.  I budgeted just $15 and I made a $50 commission.

What about hidden costs – like a website and graphics and content?

This is something else that was holding me back from Adwords.  I can build a blog as fast as anybody out there but it still takes time and effort to set up landing pages.  With Facebook ads you can link out to anything – another Facebook page, your own squeeze page or even the advertiser’s sales page.

For the test ad I ran I created my own graphic, threw it up on a separate page on my blog and used that URL for my Facebook ad.  I was testing some direct response marketing advice so the ONLY thing on that page was a graphic – no text content at all.   I set up the page and set up my ad in less than an hour, with no hidden costs.  But I could have also linked directly to an advertiser’s sales page and saved myself even more time.  And remember – Time Equals Money.

What if it doesn’t work and I lose all my money?

That’s the scariest question of all.  It’s easy to let those PPC ads get out of control.  The first thing you need to do is set a budget.  Before you even start bidding on clicks, determine exactly what you’re willing to spend and then consider it spent.

Don’t go into this thinking you’re going to put $100 on your ad budget but you’re only going to spend $50 because that’s all you can really afford to lose.  First of all, if you can’t afford to ‘lose’ it, you shouldn’t even have it on the table.  Secondly, you’re not getting into this to ‘lose’ money.

My little $15 test investment got me almost 30,000 ad impressions, 14 clicks and a $50 commission.  If I changed NOTHING, and put that $50 back into the pot, I’d end up with $150 return on a $50 investment.  And if I turned it over again, I’d end up with a $500 return on a $150 investment.  See how that works?  Start small and scale up.

Why Facebook ads?  Why not Adwords or PPV?

Because, for some reason, I just find Facebook ads easier to understand.  Maybe it’s because I know a lot more now then I did when I ran that first Adwords campaign, or maybe it’s because I’ve just put a lot more time into researching Facebook.  Heck, maybe it’s because I’m a girl and I just don’t have that inborn killer instinct that you need to compete with Adwords – who knows?

Anyway, I’ve learned a lot about Facebook and I feel comfortable working with their ads.  My test wasn’t brilliant or awe inspiring but at least I didn’t lose my shirt this time.  So, like I said earlier, find something that works, stick with it and scale it up.

Honestly, though, Facebook’s ad targeting is the key as far as I’m concerned.  You can narrow your search down to the point where you’re almost hand-picking every individual who sees your ad.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in my next post – I’m Letting My Dog Set Up My Next Facebook Ad Because it’s Just. That. Easy!

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