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Google panda hungry

Google’s so-called “Panda” update (or “Farmer” update, if you prefer) hit back in February. When it did, it rained down holy hell on some in the affiliate marketing world. Folks who relied primarily or even entirely on article marketing found themselves devastated. Inbound traffic numbers from Ezine and the rest dropped hard and they dropped fast. SEO experts – many of whom were completely caught off guard – were scrambling to figure out what exactly changed in the Google algorithm to create this new, and often inconsistent, reality.

Affiliate marketers with a more diverse approach, who didn’t rely too heavily on a single source like article marketing, fared much better. Still, it sent a clear message that none of us should forget anytime soon:

Internet businesses rise and fall at the whim of Google.

There really is no way around it. Good affiliate marketers don’t whine about it; they know it, and embrace it.

Accordingly, it’s time to really listen to what Google’s been saying for years about its search results. Google wants to provide the most relevant, useful information possible to a searcher’s intended query. In other words, Google wants to improve its product in order to maintain its hold on the market.

That means affiliate marketers and Internet marketers need to make sure their sites are the most relevant and the most useful sites to searchers. Our sites need to:

  • Answer questions truthfully and meaningfully,
  • Provide legitimate help to people that need it,
  • Solve real problems with viable solutions,
  • Connect to other relevant and useful resources, and
  • Do it all in a way that’s interesting, well-written and unique.

If your site does these things, it won’t matter how Google changes their algorithm. A support site (such as an article marketing site) can rise and fall, and your ultimate Google results shouldn’t change much.

This doesn’t mean you can’t spin articles and do massive volume cross-posts and still get a boon. Those techniques are still valid on some sites and in some cases. But for long-term growth and success, your sites need to do what Google demands and provide the good stuff.

Take Google at their word. They’re getting pretty darn good at what they do. Give them a reason to show your site is search results and you’ll get the traffic you need.


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  1. There are a million ways of looking at anything.

  2. lool… this is a great idea! :)

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