From $100 per Week to $10,000 per Day, Affiliates Are Earning With OfferClicker

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I'm a firm believer that former affiliates operate the best CPA networks. I believe this because no one understands the needs of affiliates than affiliates themselves.

Take one look behind the story of affiliate network OfferClicker and you'll be a believer too. Founders Greg Pickert and Steve Magid used to be full time affiliates promoting everything from webcams to credit reports. Now, they run a successful affiliate network with heavy affiliates pushing up to $10k a day in commissions. I caught up with Greg to learn more about OfferClicker and their road to success.

Thanks for being with us today Greg. How did you get in to affiliate marketing?

I was looking for a second job on craigslist and ran across an ad about working at home. It ended up being a program to promote webcams. I told Steve about it and that kickstarted our career as affiliates.

You guys ended up earning a lot of money as affiliates before starting OfferClicker. Was a webcam your first commission? 

Yea, our first commission was pushing webcams via yahoo chat.

A lot of affiliates give up if their first campaign is a bust. How many times did you fail before you succeeded?

Every time we started something new it always had its slow starts. If you ever expect to succeed in anything, you have to stay focused and never give up!

We're you and Steve working as a team on your affiliate campaigns?

From Day 1 we have worked together. We each ran our own campaigns and had our own sites but we stuck together on sharing ideas and trying new things

Which verticals were you pushing as affiliates?

Besides the w4m offers, we also pushed several types of credit reports via email and ppc campaigns.

I always say former affiliates are the best network owners. Why did you decide to start OfferClicker?

Every network that we ran for always lacked in support. You could go hours/days before you could reach anyone. There wasnt much help for someone starting out. Networks are happy to take your traffic but never are willing to help someone learn. We wanted to take the next step in a network by first having 24/7 support via email and chat, secondly by teaching our affiliates how to scale up their efforts or learn a new way. If they made money, then we made money.

How has your affiliate experience helped you run a successful network?

We never have lost sight of what it was like to be an affiliate. Because of this, we are always available for our affiliates either it be for support or to make a early payment.

What verticals are hot for you at OfferClicker right now?

Credit reports and email submits.

How much are affiliates at OfferClicker earning right now?

I can't disclose specifics but we have affilaites making as little as $100 a week and as much as $10,000 a day

Many of your offers boast ridiculously high EPCs (earning per click). How do you do that?!?

By helping our affiliates that run low epc step up their game. From helping them write a email reply to offering suggestions on site building thus increasing their earnings per click.

As former affiliates you know payment terms are super important. What are OfferClicker's payment terms?

We run a true weekly payment schedule. our week runs Monday-sunday net7

You pride yourself in your support. It's 3am and an OfferClicker affiliate needs help. Are you there for them?

Yes. Our email is connected to both our phones. When a email comes in, its like a alarm clock waking you up. Many times its a quick fix or simple answer.

What's your favorite thing about the affiliate lifestyle?

Wearing top line clothing, driving a better car then your friends, and most of all, being able to buy what you want when you want.

If you could sit your 16 year-old self down today and have a chat with him, what would you say?

Nothing crazy. Just work hard and focus on your goals

Are you running any specials, bonuses or promos at OfferClicker?

We are running a 5% bonus on all new affiliates first week of sales. No matter what they make, they will earn 5%. Also we have our referring affiliate program what pays 5% on all their sales.

Anything else you would like to tell the community?

Unlike other networks where you have to wait months to get approved or have to know someone to get in, Offerclicker welcomes everyone. We have all the top offers you will need to get started and the support system in place to take you to the next level.

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